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Author Topic: Dev Letter - Onward to 2020  (Read 240 times)

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20/12/2019, 22:47


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Hey there, folks. As we move through December and into the new year, now seemed like a good time to provide a glimpse of what the future holds for PlanetSide 2 early next year.

With the Winter update we released some goodies for our robotic friends, the Nanite Systems Operatives, to build out the faction’s identity and experiment with new play styles. We’ll continue building out this faction (and others) into the new year, but most of our energy will be directed at a broader picture.

Over the past couple of months the new team has been crafting something exciting for a first Quarter 2020 release. In doing so, we’ve begun turning PlanetSide 2’s development focus back toward the tenants of coordination, camaraderie, and conquest.

For the past seven years, we’ve seen many examples of highly motivated outfit leaders who are capable of commanding legions of devoted soldiers into battle. Over time, many of those skillful leaders (and their outfit members) have left the game. A common point of feedback for those players is that there wasn’t a greater goal worth pursuing with their outfit, and that an outfit felt more like a glorified friends list than an integrated part of the core experience.

This is something we’d like to correct in 2020.

PlanetSide 2 is a “home game” for many players, and in the first quarter of the new year we’ll be delivering something stellar for those lapsed leaders to come home to, as well as sound a clarion call that our current outfit leaders can rally their troops around.

We’re continuing to keep the details of this update somewhat secretive until our January announcement, but hopefully what I’ve shared so far is enough to whet your appetite. See you in 2020.

-Wrel, Lead Designer

Source: Official News and Announcements

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21/12/2019, 07:46


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21/12/2019, 14:20


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Wait until it comes.
When its the Sanctuarys it´s garbage.

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22/12/2019, 12:48


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Supposedly it's something they'll release through sanctuaries. Sanctuaries themselves are already announced, and I agree they are a bit disappointing with only 'vendors' (probably new monetisation options to make up for the PS:A fail) and a glorified VR.

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22/12/2019, 15:46


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  • and the dudes
True that, but the "could" offer great potential in the long run. But all the stuff coming with it need a lot of investment.

Glorified VR with small scale training rooms would be only one thing they could do.

We will see.
I have hope - maybe for the last time, who knows ?
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23/12/2019, 00:12


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When they first presented the sanctuary they suggested it might be material for some kind of battle-island like scenarios


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