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Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: PC Hotfix - 11/20
« on: 20/11/2018, 17:05 »
Fixed an issue with certain camos being broken for NC players.

Hm, let me check my Americh Brush Camo then... Yep working again. It's just funny that the camo was not working only for some _NC_ players -> NC hard mode confirmed

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: PC Hotfix - 10/22
« on: 21/10/2018, 14:39 »
Anybody tested if its working? I dont had problems but would be nice to see this solved

Oct 22-23 natinal holiday here so its ok for me at 4pm :D

Anybody up for a pumpkin hunt air event next week?

Sorry, was not in my top form too, I hope that I can organise the next better

This will be TS only so probably there will be not that many people, but you can lead that 1 squad :D

The event is TS only

Planetside 2 News / Thoughts on the new continent?
« on: 06/09/2018, 09:14 »
My first was: I payed 3 months of membership and they announced it. WTF would happen if I would pay for a whole year? They would nerf VS?

Just some small scale vehicle fun

"Players indoors may be knocked back (and potentially receive damage from the collision,) but receive no direct damage from the strike itself."

This does not mean that there is no direct damage in buildings?

We could try to work more closely together with air and vehicle squad. Nothing is more fun then to hit a Mosquito or Scythe (or Reaver :D) with a Titan AP. We could even lay some traps next time where our pilots lure them in to a preped position with lock ons + AA guns waiting.

Can take Co-lead in armor squad. Based on last times experience 2 leads is advised for there anyway

I was never a good cortium collector, but that added another layer to this game, which was needed I think. I hope that they can come up with some similar, vital use of the construction system

RE4 Operations / Re: Build the tallest Vanguard tower!
« on: 22/03/2018, 21:01 »
Anybody knows about a previous record in this?

RE4 Operations / Build the tallest Vanguard tower!
« on: 20/03/2018, 20:50 »
I dont know when but we definately should try to build a higher vanguard tower with at least 5-6 (or even more!) Vanguard in it. Firsrt we should come up with ideas about the best location

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