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Fatguard Gang / Re: Fatguard Loadouts
« on: 09/04/2020, 12:38 »
Nimitz reactor is a trap, never use it. They added it to the game just to say they made a change too the vanguard in the last 3 or 4 years, while the other MBTs get massive improvements. At best the nimits is giving 14% of your hp faster auto repair witch is worthless, at worst (and topically) it just disables your repair tool and repair sundies for that 14% not letting you top off Your HP when You need it. Its a terrible idea

4RT kinda takes the cake if you ask me

Reposting from the shoutbox:

For all the new PPL: our site has a "Bunkster alert" feature When bunky goes on in planetside, Your headphones/speakers might explode into a alarm siren. Please be aware of this fact
Also You can disable it in settings of Your forum account. You have been warned

Training & Best Loadouts / Re: Performance set up?
« on: 06/04/2020, 16:29 »
Personally i dislike potato settings, for me the game is easyest to read on general mid or high settings, with shadows off and particles on ultra. I run high FOV and ever since we had a bad patch i regularly check if my game is set to full screen, and if the game works below expectation 1st thing i do is change to windowed and back to fullscreen (even if it displays its already in full screen, i dont trust it any more).

I also sometimes use the enclosed memory cash clear script that i got from tower. Helps especially after longer sessions of play (i have no idea what is in it, sharing w/o permission, and take no responsibility or ownership blah blah blah)

LOL score reset. Poor T.
Yeah, we can laugh at their faces that sitting on empty bases and camping hossin at night is not competitive elite enough.

Recruitment / Re: basti1510
« on: 29/03/2020, 11:02 »
Welcome to the RE4! Consider joining us on TS if you can/have not yet!

Aww yeah, lets do this bois!

Yep! We need a better cuttoff time if we want to make a scrimm and a 1v1. I suggest not counting the setup time in the time of operation? ^^

When we get the 1v1 training i would urge to do it a bit more directed so that ppl will actually have a direction to improve in.

@Coliax Sorry to move this post again, but the Logistics and flanking groups got merged so i needed to put it here.

Either way BUMP! This is a really good concept

Registered, i wonder if there is still hope for me.

I added a 3 day poll for the name, please cast Your vote.

Maybe as a pole i dont have the right perspective to speak about this in a nationally diverse group like this (we got called far right nationalist scum by the dickwads of BBC and other globalist lobbyists), but personally i believe there is no point of being resentful over historical stuff like this. In the end it brought us where we are now and we should be happy with the outcome, cause it could be a lot worse (noone deserves the fate of Armenians). Honouring the fallen and taking note of the past should take president. But inducing anger, resentfulness, fear and most notably in recent times shame. Makes you vulnerable to manipulation. If you cant wage war that's the second best way to do it really.

I cannot not mention my favourite air force division when someone is talking about this topic.

Recruitment / Re: vampiredk2
« on: 24/03/2020, 18:23 »
Welcome to the RE4pers! Please join us on TS if You feel like it, thats where all the daily action is!

Recruitment / Re: QenoxNC
« on: 24/03/2020, 18:12 »
Welcome to the RE4pers! Please join us on TS if You feel like it, thats where all the daily action is!

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