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Recruitment / Re: HHHULQ
« on: 11/09/2019, 09:03 »
Welcome to the Re4! Please get on TS with us if that is Your jam.

Recruitment / Re: chechulas
« on: 09/09/2019, 00:30 »
Welcome to the Re4! Get on TS with us if You can!

Recruitment / Re: Shome3
« on: 04/09/2019, 22:26 »
Welcome to the Re4! Be sure to join us on TS or ask whenever you need anything!

Recruitment / Re: Ferring
« on: 03/09/2019, 19:12 »
Yo welcome! Get on the TS with us if ya feel like it

Recruitment / Re: akuma2015
« on: 01/09/2019, 20:23 »
Welcome to the RE4! Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, by any channel. Preferably come hang out on TS :D

Heres is my reddit NC rant comment about this patch (even tho i like most of the changes kill cam and bounties are really nice)
Thanks for the vent post btw... cause thats how im gona use it.
NC became competitively worse and consistently received shit geer (Gladius sure, but the other SMG's were really good) in 100% of the changes over the last 2 years. I can recall at least to the point when they talked about the new faction specific basilisk slot weapons (that were never added) when they sayd something to the tone of "we dont really know what we want to do whit the NC weapon, we dont want to add another slow firing heavy hitting weapon to their arsenal" while our weapons in that slot loose all engagements in their effective ranges with other faction specific weapons (boombox is harder to shoot yet looses every engagement with the Vulcan, everyone is just using the halberds instead of enforcer all the time cause its a frustrating weapon with giant downtime)
Fully expecting to be downvoted to all hell, let me give a few examples outside this patch: Bishop vs the obelisk, Buzzard vs the star fall, Nc max nerfs (its shit now we all use gorgons to not cry over it) vs other maxes buffs, changes to other MBTs to emphasise their roles eg barrage vs vang finally getting 1 change - ~18% of our health nanite auto repairs faster... who would use that over the (nerfed) resist shield?
On cobalt noone really wants to play NC any more. I know everyone has their victim complex, if you want hard evidence just look at the recent alert stats. Making the Event directives focused on Max play whit the current state of NC maxes was another slap in the face. Daybrake please figure out what do you want to do with the NC... maybe ask someone amongst the dev team to actually play it?

Edit: Here is the reddit thread, that bway guy is going to the crybaby thread for sure - https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/cwrir3/lets_hear_your_prowler_complaints/

Like i mentioned before: https://www.amazon.com/Strike-Backlit-Cherry-Mechanical-Keyboard-Pc/dp/B00I9VRQ54
Should be available with blues and cheaper (i bought mine for 100-110 USD over 2 years ago), tho might be harder to find.

"Death Camera

When you are killed, your camera will now track and highlight the player that killed you for a brief period before refocusing on your corpse."

"Destroyed terminals can now be hacked by Infiltrators"

Its like a whole new game!

I demand a refund! Gimmie my bonus checks! - "Players now receive 100 certs at each new Battle Rank through BR100, instead of the first 15."

Recruitment Archive / Re: BOTYLIZM
« on: 06/08/2019, 10:10 »
Welcome to the RE4! Get on TS with us for daily action.

Recruitment / Re: Oculan
« on: 05/08/2019, 15:50 »
Welcome to the RE4! Most of the day-to-day action is on TS if You wanna join us there

Recruitment Archive / Re: NorthernNorm
« on: 05/08/2019, 09:52 »
Heyo! Welcome to the RE4. Most of the action is on TS if ya wanna join in  ;D

Recruitment / Re: Soviet532
« on: 05/08/2019, 09:51 »
Siema, welcome to the RE4.

Recruitment Archive / Re: iano0100
« on: 31/07/2019, 21:08 »
Welcome Fresh meat! Welcome to the RE4! Get on TS if you can if you want daily action.

Recruitment Archive / Re: LckLadySam
« on: 31/07/2019, 16:38 »
Welcome to the RE4!

Recruitment Archive / Re: xBashtime
« on: 30/07/2019, 17:21 »
Welcome to the RE4, join us on TS for daily action ;D

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