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Recruitment / Re: purerush251
« on: 17/01/2020, 10:40 »
Welcome to the Re4! As always, i recommend hanging out on TS, thats where You find most of the daily action.
If You want an State of the outfit assessment: We still have TS squads in peak hours 4-5/7 days of the week. We usually have one or two public platoons over the week, You can expect one sometimes two scheduled events per month. Ofc. everything is fluctuating a bit, we could always use more leads, and when it comes to running we are more on sustain then active growth mode. So i would say we are doing more then fine looking at the general cobalt NC situation.
Outfit 7th anniversary is coming up early feb, should be big as every year.

Recruitment / Re: eightpoints
« on: 16/01/2020, 09:50 »
Welcome to the RE4, as always i recommend coming to TS and hang out, thats where most of the daily action is

Recruitment / Re: SynthonicNC
« on: 13/01/2020, 15:34 »
Welcome to the RE4! Best way to lern would be to join us on Voip (TS) Well be more then happy to answer any questions You might have. Cheers!

Seems like a reaction to the recent Eternal Indar complaints that are in fashion right now. Seems they jumping on the ball faster then usually witch is good.

It does heavy vehicle damga? Is it substantial?

Contains a lot of graphical setup information, Tactics, Shooting Mechanics information ETC. Especially useful for new to mid new players (or veteran scrubs like me):


Direct links:

Planetside 2 Infantry Guide 1 - Configuration

Planetside 2 Infantry Guide 2 - Shooting Mechanics and 1v1 Basics

Planetside 2 Infantry Guide 3 - Improving Aim and Positioning

Planetside 2 Infantry Guide 4 - Movement Tricks

it was mentioned on this weeks Instant action podcast, a Planetside 2 podcast by Mark "Deringer"

Recruitment / Re: Sa1tyVegan
« on: 02/01/2020, 16:00 »
Welcome to the RE4!! Finally someone not from germany... Please join us on TS whenever You feel if You haven't already! Seems well be having a Felix platoon tonight

Recruitment / Re: CyGaNZugBug
« on: 02/01/2020, 15:58 »
Welcome! Please consider joining us on TS for some daily action!

Recruitment / Re: HubertGivesHeadshots
« on: 02/01/2020, 15:57 »
Welcome to the RE4!

Recruitment / Re: ArnoldSchwarzenerger
« on: 30/12/2019, 10:16 »
Welcome! :D

Recruitment / Re: SantaOfClaus
« on: 28/12/2019, 16:21 »
Yo! Welcome to the RE4 ^^, TS is the place to be if You want activity.

Recruitment / Re: Ethnicbadgers
« on: 27/12/2019, 10:57 »
We will be more then happy, welcome to the RE4! Most of the daily action is on TS these days, please feel free to join us and hang out there.

Recruitment / Re: Mrboydjangles
« on: 23/12/2019, 13:33 »
Welcome to the RE4 and happy Christmas! Please be sure to join us on TS whenever You feel like it.

Recruitment / Re: Yragarn
« on: 23/12/2019, 08:25 »
Welcome to the RE4 ^^! Try catching me online or drop by the TS in the evening for a invite

When they first presented the sanctuary they suggested it might be material for some kind of battle-island like scenarios

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