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An amazing night. Epic fights - and we had many enemies to shoot at. Hope all of you had some good fun!

Maybe some would like to write some feedback down here again. See ya all the next time.

Recruitment / Re: Bumpii
« on: 03/09/2019, 21:01 »
Welcome to the sect !

FE4R THE RE4PERS and see ya on saturday!

Squad/Co leaders  so far:
Alpha: Wolken + Iggyd
Bravo: Felix + ?
Charlie: Duckyyz + ?
Delta: DADDY1986 + ?

We arleady got the squad leaders, but we are still looking for people to give them a helping hand.

If you are interested in joining this event, please enlist here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hKKx7aTZQT-ioodkhPk77zVN9yM6nqfZEb9Ji3t8I38/edit#gid=0

Genreal organistion details before and on the event day

Prior to the event:
Please enlist as many people as possible in the google sheet. First of all, this makes it easier to estimate the numbers, second it could provide some good stuff for preparation and cuts down work on the event day itself.

On event day:
We will have different TS Channels for group up.
Everyone who has already enlisted will go directly to the main briefing room - this will be the meet up place before the event start.
People who have not enlisted will go to the channel "awaiting assignment". There they will be distributed to the squads. If they have preference, they can write the squad behind their nickname.

We will have 3 layers of communication:
1st on will be addressed to the whole platoon. These ones will be done only on rare occasions, when the whole platoon needs to be rallied and hits all at the same position. These commands have to short and precise.

2nd layer will be on TS Commander channel. Here the Squad leaders and CO leaders will discuss the approach for defense and attack.
Most important is the "clear coms call" you will hear via platoon chat. If this one comes up, shut the mouth.
Coms should be fast and follow a closed loop format.
E.g. PL: Charlie squad, please provide Armoured support around Frostfall overlook. CharlieSL: Copy that, currently wiped, build up time is about 3 mins. PL: Copy that.
This way both sides know that the other understood and that the command didnt get lost.

3rd layer will be TS channel. Use it as a normal channel, each squad will have their own for maximum communication. We started to use fireteam channels (preset ingame at NUMB Block 2) with good results, so this could be used too.

It is coming closer!

Some of you have already been part of it, some may have heard stories about. We are going big again!
The idea is easy: We are bringing up 4 squads with best communication and dedicated goals to Auraxis to reck fear to our enemies!
The four Squads divide up into “RE4SpecT”, “Support”, “Big Guns” and “Joker” – each of them lead by up to two officers for maximum impact.

  • “RE4SpecT” will be the first to drop, setting position around the point and killing (or stalling) everything that comes close to it.
  • “Support” will be the second punch, without them Alpha would be dead so they are also called "Alphas Guardian Angel".
    Mixed and adapting forces, moving with logistics, bringing in spawn points and much needed infantry when Alpha struggles the most.
  • “Big Guns” will be our back bone – crushing enemy tanks and keeping the skies clear. With a mixed squad of ground vehicles and air vehicles to support each other they will engage enemy positions with maximimum efficiency. Scouting, luring in enemy air crafts into AA traps will give additional points. They will provide the fire power to give our infantry space to breath.
  • “Joker” are the chessy guys, going with the meanest shit they can get on the battlefield. Mostly as adapting forces with Charlie  in vehicles and air, but also able to join as infantry fight with the fitting "health pool". Fast paced with a lot of different gameplay styles. Watch your nanites!

If you want to enlist for this event, please fill in this google sheet, the more detailed the better !

Enlist here!!

It will make it far easier to manage the event and gives your leaders the option to adapt to the strengths of his squad.


Good point.

Because of my technical problems (which luckly solved themselves today) I would like to post my feedback for yesterday.

We had some amazing caps and holded pretty well against huge forces, point holds and most parts of comms were very good in the first half.

What was lacking the most yesterday were designated jobs. We didnt set a goal for the fireteams, like what their primary task is on the battlefield. We used most of the of 3 guns instead of utilizing their classes to the best.
This needs a little more prep time and organisation from our side.

As we had many silent warriors yesterday, it could maybe help to fill up alpha with communicative guys and use bravo as "add on force" (even though bravo did amazing yesterday, even though you only had so few people). Criticall mass for ts channels is probably somewhere around 18, everything above needs to be devided, with fewer we can stay in one channel.

As I had no overview of our squad composition (I know - maxima mea culpa) I had the feeling that we were lacking concs and strong firepower, so I would probably like to have more heavies the next round.

5 Medics, 4 Heavies, 1 Infil 1-2 Engies (LA very optional, mostly not) would probably my go to.

Just some of my thoughts. Hope you had fun yesterday. I had a blast, but I really felt that I havent played for 2 weeks.

Thanks for tonight!
Start was beautiful, the end got a little bit more relaxed.

On a side notice - anybody got a good recommendation for a key board? Preferably blue cherries :(

Hey guys!

I just  came back from my holidays and would enjoy a nice round of tactical planetside.

Meet up will be on ts, tonight will be again TS only. If we get more than 12 players, we will split the squads and go to different channels (if necessary) - coms will be done via whisper after that.

Focus will be on infantry fights and movements. If we get some vehicle players we could also try to do a round of "Panzergrenadiere"
to directly support our armoured forces.

See ya tonight!

Damn boi, nice stuff.

I would like to see a exp buff when you got a bounty on your head - it should pay to be a wanted man.

RE4 Operations / [13/08/2019,20:15 CET] Public Platoon
« on: 13/08/2019, 17:56 »
As the title says, we are going to have a public platoon!

What are we going to do? Kick Vanu (and TR) ass!
What do we need? Beer and bullets!
What do I need? 4 squad leaders!

TS is NOT mandatory for tonight.


Hope that we'll have some great teamplay tonight - 39 SL ribbons should be doable :P

I think most people will just be on TS - depending on starting numbers I will appoint positions.

@Duckyyz: it would be great if you could take the vehicle command - in hope that we will get at least 4 people together for this branch.

Hey ho!

As we have many new players in our rows, some of you may ask what this "Big Ass Combined Arms Project" could be?

It is a fucking big event!
We train about one month and more just for this very day!

This is our try to show Cobalt the best RE4PERS have to offer!

This time we will play with 4 TS only Squads, devided in two infantry squads, one ground/air vehicle and one mixed squad. With great communication in and inbetween the squads we try to have the maximum impact, not overpowering the enemy with pure force, but with tactics and amazing team play.

Let me introduce the squads:
Alpha: Big Ass RE4SpecT - also called "point huggers"
First to drop, setting position around the point and killing (or stalling) everything that comes close to it.
Fast reaction force, not bound to ground or force multipliers. Mostly dropping via Gal or Valk.

Bravo: Big Ass Support - without them Alpha would be dead, also called "Alphas Guardian Angel"
Mixed and adapting forces, moving with logistics, bringing in spawn points and much needed infantry when Alpha needs help.

Charlie: Big Ass Guns - the "Cavalary" has arrived
A mixed squad of ground vehicles and air vehicles support each other, engaging enemy positions together. Scouting and giving the punch in the perfect moment.

Delta: Big Ass Joker - the "Jack of all trades"
Adapting forces depending on situation - mostly in vehicles and air moving together with Charlie, but also able to join an infantry fight if necessary. Fast paced with alot of different gameplay styles.

To make things easier on the events night, we will need some preparation. You can already check out this very important google sheet (!) and think about a position you would like to take. It will be opened for enlistment in two weeks.

Let's teach Cobalt the true power of the RE4!


Hey ho !

After Fallengods nice vehicle event we will go on with our preparation for the Big Ass Combined Arms Project on the 1.9.2019.

This time we will have at least one RE4SpecT squad, focussing on good communications and infantry fights. The spotlights will be on the fireteam leaders and their buddies. So it would be very nice to set the leaders already up and maybe forge the first fireteams prior to the ops.

To make this easier to organise, please register or post in here.

Having another Bravo RE4SpecT would be amazing and I am always happy about vehicle support. Leaders are always more than welcome - so even if you dont have that much experience you can learn alot from your squad/fireteam mates!

Coms will be mostly TS, depending on the numbers we will be using whisper lists (will be explained on the ops night)
Very important: Please set up your fire team voice channel ingame! This is essential for good cohesion.


Squad Lead Alpha:Wolkenwand
(A)Diamonds: Wolkenwand (L), Flatsemmel, Charge Maximus
(A)Spades: Jettesnell (SONS)
Sqaud Lead Bravo:
Squad Lead Vehicles:

Recruitment Archive / Re: Ingemeisel
« on: 02/08/2019, 23:13 »
Nice to see you here after all this time!

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