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Recruitment / Re: RagnarokRX
« on: 25/01/2020, 11:01 »
Mate, you did an amazing job yesterday!

Thanks for joining, hope you'll enjoy your stay!

True that, but the "could" offer great potential in the long run. But all the stuff coming with it need a lot of investment.

Glorified VR with small scale training rooms would be only one thing they could do.

We will see.
I have hope - maybe for the last time, who knows ?

Recruitment Archive / Re: ZumexNC
« on: 20/12/2019, 06:39 »
Welcome back!
Did your voice get any deeper ?
I am looking forward to hear it on ts ^^

I updated to event time, now it is properly displayed

RE4 Operations / Re: TRID Birthday Party
« on: 15/12/2019, 14:07 »
@ 4pm until whatever.
I don't know if I will have time... probably not.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Mirradu
« on: 13/12/2019, 23:00 »
Welcome to the RE4!
Check out TS, there should be the most people to help you with direct questions or invites for squad play.


RE4 Operations / TRID Birthday Party
« on: 13/12/2019, 10:05 »
Our friends from TRID will celebrate their 7th birthday this Sunday.

Wouldn't it be nice to pay them a visit?

hey, Zash from TRID here. Our birthday celebrations are this weekend, with Planetside on Friday 13th, 20 UTC (OPS), and Sunday 15th starting 14 UTC (more or less the whole day, including regular OPS at 19 UTC).
If you want to join us and/or give us some good opposition, let me know and feel free to drop by our TS, ts.tridentoutfit.com, for some fun!

I will probably do some stuff in the afternoon, lets see ^^

Thanks to everyone joining!

Hope you had a good night and enjoyed yourself!

Meeting up for the big event.

Please make up your mind about the following questions:

Intended role: Attack, defense, support, logistics?


Leading position

Loadout - maybe adjusted to fireteam


Recruitment / Re: BabyFartMcGezaac
« on: 09/12/2019, 15:36 »
Welcome mate ! Awesome name by the way.
Do you have time tomorrow evening ?
This should be the closest you are aiming for.


Recruitment / Re: reaper1303
« on: 08/12/2019, 09:55 »
Before the mob gets the torchforks...

Reaper1303 could you join me on ts on Wednesday or Friday?

Would be great! Cheers

Hey ho!

This is the final RE4SpecT Ops  for this year! Start will be this time @20.00 CET on live server. There will be a secondary event, which starts around 30 mins earlier, so we can already gather up, set our classes and take all the time we need.

At 20.00 we will go hot. Task will be to do as much damage as possible with minimal forces. We will probably call out one lane and try to do the best around it.

Fireteam and bravo squad leaders will be needed! The more support I will have the easier it will be for you and me.
Get ready, get hyped - because I am for damn sure!


Like the last ones, I will stream: https://www.twitch.tv/wolkenwandre4

Recruitment Archive / Re: SchnappZappSchmetter
« on: 07/12/2019, 08:59 »
And he already joined ts multiple times and we had some good talk ^^ so the 91ar is just temporary.

RE4 Operations / Re: Kicking of not so active members
« on: 06/12/2019, 10:09 »
Ok, my opinion on all these "not active member kicking" -
I would love to have an overall great community, with very active members and passioned leaders.

So if more people are putting their heart and soul into it - like all of the people how are leading squads, platoons, organizing events, taking part and helping with projects - it is an overall amazing thing.

But for the most people, this game and within this outfit is just a casual game they play a few hours a month or even a year. They come here to have fun, they don't want to put too much afford into it.

By kicking these guys, it could be that we deny them a part of their freetime enjoyment which could result into them leaving the game forever.

On the same side I am with Panda: People who havent turned up in ages are free game, they probalby wont come back or were never really here.


RE4 Operations / Re: Kicking of not so active members
« on: 06/12/2019, 10:03 »

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