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Recruitment / Re: LennNC
« on: 26/05/2020, 10:03 »
Hey Lenn!
Nice that you found your way into the RE4!

Short question: when is your birthday?

All the best!

Dear Re4pers

Due to our mailing system being as old as the outfit itself, a bureaucratic error managed to slip through our system. The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was not implemented yet, and so we sent you our Newsletter without having your approval for it.
We are sorry for this! Please ignore our mail, or even delete it.
If you like getting messages from us, please visit your profile on and check the newsletter box.

Thank you for your understanding!

Looks good on mobile so far!

Recruitment / Re: AxGX
« on: 17/04/2020, 18:29 »
Here you go!

Recruitment / Re: Zest4you
« on: 16/04/2020, 09:29 »

You chose a great time to join.
Make sure to join the TS to get your invite! Also there you will find the most help and fun.


Recruitment / Re: EuropeanSoldier
« on: 15/04/2020, 12:46 »
Hey mate!
I know that it sucks to be in the changing times, but yeah - we changed something.

To get your invite, you have to be on TS and ask one of the officers to get your invite.
We still need to adress our ARM message.

Cheers and see ya on the battlefield!

Mega like !

Recruitment / Re: SceneBreak
« on: 12/04/2020, 22:33 »
We will try to provide a good haven my friend. As we seem to be the tavern for the weary traveller, we are also open for all kinds of improvements the individual can bring in from the outside.

Currently we have great times for the RE4PERS, you can really feel it. People want to improve and push the outfit for the better.

Welcome! Let us know if feel home and tell us if something feels off for you!

Fr. 13.00 would be 22.00 Local ?

Can we do this ? No tactics, just checking out the map ?

Recruitment / Re: X41822Nova
« on: 06/04/2020, 22:46 »
Question out of pure interest: is there actual leadership within 91ar ? From the outside it always appeared to be a headless zerg. Always when I joined one of the squads it was a bunch of waypoints nobody followed.

Did you have events/ops/something similar?

Recruitment / Re: Krofords
« on: 03/04/2020, 21:55 »
Damn boi! I am so happy to see you here!

Great that you found the way

Recruitment / Re: BigPhatBoi
« on: 01/04/2020, 08:04 »
Then you came to the right place - welcome the outfit !

Recruitment / Re: LincosNC
« on: 28/03/2020, 18:42 »
Uhhh! Damn nice to see you in RE4!

Recruitment / Re: Aar0nb0y
« on: 28/03/2020, 18:41 »
Hey ho!
Nice to have you around - am.i allowed to ask: who is your brother?

Recruitment / Re: KissyKissyBangBangNC
« on: 27/03/2020, 08:54 »
That sounds awesome! We are currently trying to build up a specialisation program - maybe you are interested:

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