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RE4 Operations / Re: [13/07/2019,20:00 CET] Smash Prep
« on: 13/07/2019, 17:59 »
Shit happens mate, all the best. Get well soon!

RE4 Operations / [13/07/2019,20:00 CET] Smash Prep
« on: 13/07/2019, 17:12 »
Gathering the forces,
Hyping the squad, preparing mind and body.

Mainly group up and discussing / playing the stuff for tonight.

See ya later!

Was a good night, even though we still have a long way to go. See ya on sunday!

Recruitment / Re: coolswe01
« on: 28/05/2019, 13:51 »
Hey! Welcome to the re4pers!
I think you'll feel welcome around here - toxicity was never a big problem within our rows.

What was your former outfit ?(if I am allowed to ask)

@leonpg no worries, won't be the last one.

@wiedergaenger I have to work on Friday, so I have to enjoy the long night on Wednesday:P

Hey people!

I will have some time this wednesday and would love to have a nice RE4SpecT (RE4PERS Special Operations team) session with you guys!

If you dont know what this is, no worries, just be on TS.

This time we will have around a 30 mins briefing and depending on numbers I would like to try some stuff out

Recruitment / Re: CarthageNC
« on: 03/05/2019, 09:46 »
Problems with MBn leadership, eh?
Then you came to the right place - we also got some stories to tell.

Welcome mate !

With the long downtime, we will probably have a squad on Friday. See ya then !

As the servers are going down, we will play some 7 days to die for first, you will see us in on TS. If the server is up again, we will switch ^^

The plan was to host a squad / multiple squads and give some people the oppertunity to lead. As the servers were actually unplayable in the afternoon, it could be that this thing will be rescheduled to someday later this week.

We will try it tonight - if it wont work, I am going to host a 7 days to die server for tonight. See ya later

Wolkens gonna do stuff, does  a rising star wants to lead?

 Had a blast tonight ^^ how was it for you guys ?

get the beers ready people, I will already drink the first round.

Will be a bit late - around 30nish minutes. Got home later than normal and have to prepare dinner. See ya tonight!

Won't be the last. You can lead a drunktard squad if you like ^^ I heard they are easy to handle :p

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