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So far there is no nanite regeneration at all on desolation.

Could be a bug or an actual feature

Standard armour - standard helmet. Don't let the enemies see who you are before you book up on their death screen.

Also started calling you guys 4rchitects in my mind

Fr. 13.00 would be 22.00 Local ?

Can we do this ? No tactics, just checking out the map ?

I will help with this friday evening and / or prior to the OW


We are currently working out different openings and will discuss them in a closed enviroment.

Our forums are big and we would like to keep those things secured ^^

In the last patch notes they wrote that a new capture point building was added for each relic

Fatguard Gang / Re: Event idea: Vehicle Scrim
« on: 08/04/2020, 08:20 »
Dude ? After Friday and Saturday I want to sleep and do a vacation from ps2 ^^

Just a heads up, you will probably lack some experienced players as we are doing an outfit war prep platoon tonight:

Recruitment / Re: X41822Nova
« on: 06/04/2020, 22:46 »
Question out of pure interest: is there actual leadership within 91ar ? From the outside it always appeared to be a headless zerg. Always when I joined one of the squads it was a bunch of waypoints nobody followed.

Did you have events/ops/something similar?

General Infantry academy / Re: Pointholding Guide
« on: 05/04/2020, 18:14 »
@ Clay - we already took actions.
As todays leader of F4T (if I have seen it right) you will see a lot of stuff is different for the Sunday ops

Ok people, you got me.

Stepping up to be a leader of the General Infantry Academy. And please don't leave me alone! It would be great to have others to help me with events and trainings!

General Infantry academy / Re: Pointholding Guide
« on: 05/04/2020, 12:29 »
Yesterday I tried the Safeguard + Athlete Combi and have to say that I was very very pleased.
It is very solid combination in squad play as you can get out of nasty situations by far better.

The only thing I need to get used to is that I will miss my Assimilate (maybe ditching athelte against it - those 200 shild by headshots is damn nice)

General Infantry academy / Pointholding Guide
« on: 04/04/2020, 14:55 »
Hey guys!

Pretty epic guide I found here:

Maybe you want to read through it a bit - I may start to adapt to some parts.

Sry that our event was a bit longer than expected.
How man top gun pilots do we have ?

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