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Good that my next exarm is on August 2. so i have time

We can do it too

Felix hast prove that it kills everyone in a building.

Would be pretty clear that it is not working as intended. So wie Build 3 around Crossroads and stat bombing it all 5 min?

Time to have a squad focussing on Orbitalstrike bases

Hey Folks,

its time for a meet up again.
I would like to welcome the new once under us and also plan what we do over the Summer.
Bring in your Idears, problems and wishes.

 Greetings StummeUrsel!

Its to early i dont have the points -.-

Participation means that you fight for 90% of the Alerttime on Hossin not the terretorie

Defens building will be the new shit. Save behind your lines a orbitel and when the enmie trys to get the base and not destroy the orbital first....BOOM!!!!

Time to get the strike. That makes some bases pretty interesting, especially with high mountens around.

I can show you the scool of Ursel

Need to know what exactly wolkenwand want me to do and german is still more specific than english.

Can do but we both need to brief in german to be really clear what i do and what you want.

Exames starting 8 days after so i need to see if i can do it, but friday is good.

Would recoment its everytime better to go blind in. Spotter or darts always tell the enmie you are their.
Would also recomment to first learn this playstyl with all scoutrifles and without the comissanar or emeserie.

For the Schadow and the Stalker i still recommend mostly the forward grip for better controll instead of laser sight.
The silencer can be nice, but you need to be closer, flashsuppresser can be also be good.

In the end for me is more important what you can do behind enemie lines like setting up sundies, sabotat enemie ways to points, etc.

I still laught ;D

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