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The Re4pers want you!

Hey guys!

Wouldn't it be epic to have a full week again with a platoon full of RE4 every night?
This will be our objective!

For this we will need new and old leaders, soldiers and friends!
Next to do is to find a shedule where you can set you self up for a date.

25.10.2019: Wolkenwand Platoon Lead + ?
27.10.2019: Infiltrator only spooky event
31.10.2019: Halloween Special! Wolkenwand + ?

Next to pushing for hard fought territory we will also revive many of our fun events!
So get youself in gear!
28/08/2019, 19:53 by Wolkenwand Planetside 2- Event

[07/09/2019,20:00 CET] Big Ass Combined Arms Project

It is coming closer!

Some of you have already been part of it, some may have heard stories about. We are going big again!
The idea is easy: We are bringing up 4 squads with best communication and dedicated goals to Auraxis to reck fear to our enemies!
The four Squads divide up into “RE4SpecT”, “Support”, “Big Guns” and “Joker” – each of them lead by up to two officers for maximum impact.

  • “RE4SpecT” will be the first to drop, setting position around the point and killing (or stalling) everything that comes close to it.
  • “Support” will be the second punch, without them Alpha would be dead so they are also called "Alphas Guardian Angel".
    Mixed and adapting forces, moving with logistics, bringing in spawn points and much needed infantry when Alpha struggles the most.
  • “Big Guns” will be our back bone – crushing enemy tanks and keeping the skies clear. With a mixed squad of ground vehicles and air vehicles to support each other they will engage enemy positions with maximimum efficiency. Scouting, luring in enemy air crafts into AA traps will give additional points. They will provide the fire power to give our infantry space to breath.
  • “Joker” are the chessy guys, going with the meanest shit they can get on the battlefield. Mostly as adapting forces with Charlie  in vehicles and air, but also able to join as infantry fight with the fitting "health pool". Fast paced
05/08/2019, 19:49 by Wolkenwand Outfit News

What is the "Big Ass Combined Arms Project"?

Hey ho!

As we have many new players in our rows, some of you may ask what this "Big Ass Combined Arms Project" could be?

It is a fucking big event!
We train about one month and more just for this very day!

This is our try to show Cobalt the best RE4PERS have to offer!

This time we will play with 4 TS only Squads, devided in two infantry squads, one ground/air vehicle and one mixed squad. With great communication in and inbetween the squads we try to have the maximum impact, not overpowering the enemy with pure force, but with tactics and amazing team play.

Let me introduce the squads:
Alpha: Big Ass RE4SpecT - also called "point huggers"
First to drop, setting position around the point and killing (or stalling) everything that comes close to it.
Fast reaction force, not bound to ground or force multipliers. Mostly dropping via Gal or Valk.

Bravo: Big Ass Support - without them Alpha would be dead, also called "Alphas Guardian Angel"
Mixed and adapting forces, moving with logistics, bringing in spawn points and much needed infantry when Alpha needs help.

Charlie: Big Ass Guns - the "Cavalary" has arrived
A mixed squad of ground vehicles and air vehicles support each other, engaging enemy positions together. Scouting and giving the punch in the perfect moment.

Delta: Big Ass Joker - the "Jack of all trades"
Adapting forces dependin...
10/04/2019, 00:17 by PSNews Planetside 2- News

Developer Livestream - Thursday, April 11 @ 2 PM PT

On Thursday, April 11th, 2019, at 2:00 PM PT (11:00 PM CEST) the PlanetSide 2 development team will be hosting a livestream at http://twitch.tv/planetside2!

With DX11 and the Nanite Systems Operatives faction available on the PTS, we're just around the corner from a big live update! We wanted to take a moment to check-in and chat about a couple of the things that are coming to the game, including DX11, Mentor Squads, and maybe even a sneak peek at the future tutorial system.

While the stream won't be too long, you'll also be able to hang out with us on Friday, April 12th, 2019, at 2:00 PM PT (11:00 PM CEST) during our Community Playtest on the PTS! More details will be announced during tomorrow's livestream, but be sure to mark your calendars now.

See you there, soldiers!

Source: Official News and Announcements

The Re4pers presents:
The VI Year Anniversary Party
2nd February 2019 @ 15:00 CET

Hey everyone!

There it is, it's time again to celebrate!
The Re4pers are going strong now for almost 6 years and we will celebrate our 6th anniversary
on the 2nd of February with a very festive day!

We will have a great birthday party with epic platoons aiming for fun and domination starting at 20.00 CET,
lead by your favorite platoon and squad leaders.
A good mix of objective focused gameplay and tactical nonsense will be on the agenda!

If one party is not enough for you, we will host something special this year.  
For everyone who wants to check out the different aspects of the game again and how the outfit is doing these days,
we prepared something special for you: A whole afternoon f
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