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The Re4pers want you!

06/04/2016, 18:33 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

We have a new Outfit Leader!

Ladies and Gentleman,

our Outfit Leader Elections are over and with 89 people giving their vote, we reached the highest turnout in our history. This shows that we are bringing more and more Re4pers to this forum - a process that should be worked on in future. I would love to read some more words from the "silent ones" ... But first things first:

I am really moved that you put so much faith in me again and I am even more happy that you accept Stonedmedic as your new Outfit Leader. I can tell you, its the right decision: he is intelligent, gentle, upright and really cares about the outfit and its members.

HIP HIP HOORAY! Cheer our new Outfit Leader!

But we should not forget the fine Slymountain, who was the most trusted companion I could imagine in the last years. We navigated this outfit though some troubled water and that we are so successful is in big parts his credit. He is and will be the good herat of this outfit (Yes, you may not think that when you hear him raging. But he is a very gentle and nice person!)

To honor Slys retirement, we will have a very special fun ops this Friday (08.04.) at 19:00 CET. What we do exactly will be a surprise, but it would be nice to see a lot of you to honor your old leader. The retirement ceremony will take place within the event.

Fear the Re4pers!

21/03/2016, 17:18 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

Cheer our new officers!

Fellow Re4pers,

I am proud to announce that our officer training program has its first outcome! Me and many other senior leaders were pretty much impressed how fast our trainees improved, so it was about time to promote the first bunch of them.

Cheer our new officers:

Syyyyyyy, Platoon Leader
Einssi, Squad Leader
PlantPotSoldier, Squad Leader
NaturalSciences, Squad Leader
LostSpine, Squad Leader
Shoarmabro, Squad Leader

This will not be the end of our training efforts. New officer recruits are welcome!

Fear the Re4pers!
17/02/2016, 10:51 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

Officer Recruitment Changes

Dear Re4pers,

I am proud to say that our outfit was so successful in the past that we can fill a platoon with fellow re4pers nearly every day. Thats awesome! But to keep our high leading standard we need to recruit more leading personal and train them well. In the last days a lot of people applied for that - and I hope thats only the beginning. Expanding the officers koprs will also prevent our current officers to burn out: A burden is easier to carry, if shared.

To suppport this intend, we will implement some changes (Thx for the people who suggested these in the discussion thread):

We will add SQUAD LEADER TRAINEE and PLATOON LEADER TRAINEE ranks to our Forum and TS. You can apply for this ranks even whithout having the 200 needed SL ribbons, which will lower the entry barrier to it. The Trainees will be trained (of course), mentored and supervised by our veteran officers. After some weeks and with the right amount of ribbons and a fitting rib/h score, the current officers will decide if the TRAINEE will be promoted to the officer position applying.

We will lower the needed rib/h score to stay in rank. The last half ...
10/01/2016, 13:58 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News


Dear Re4pers,

on 3rd of February our great outfit will have its 3rd Anniversary and that must be celebrated! Lets meet in the biggest party cobalt has ever seen and auraxium the fun with galaxy invasions, harasser races, medic chains, knife platoons and many other things. There will be no serious gameplay that evening, but I can guarantee you will have the fun of your gamer-life. So lets get as many re4pers online as possible!

We set up a new "most members online" record lately but I think we can do more here. Maybe we can break the 100 mark ...

Officers, please start to announce that event in-game over outfit voice and text chat!


PS: Many thanks to Felix for this awesome poster!

23/12/2015, 14:10 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

Cheer or new Squad Leaders!

Mosquito and avqto are now serving as Squad Leaders. May they win many battles with us!

Fear the Re4pers!
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