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The Re4pers want you!

21/07/2020, 18:42 by Terrorbird Outfit News

RE4pers are back in business!

Regular roster is back on the menu boys, with the first RE4SpecT Sunday 26th of July at 20:00 CEST.

Activity will stay on a lower pitch though and not expecting that to change untill the beginning of September. To compensate we may put more emphasis on joint operations with other outfits.

More info and signup link regarding RE4SpecT can be found here: https://re4pers.com/index.php?topic=6242.msg51396#msg51396

(RE4 wallpaper made by "Ansic") (Post modified to include Showcase video instead, Also by Ansic, done by MrFFF)
23/06/2020, 22:07 by Terrorbird Outfit News

Summer break

Hi marvelous Re4pers. It is that time of the year again.. outfits will fall, clans will crumble, fellow members will disappear, never to be seen again! Oh nooo, what do we do? It is summer people!  :o

In all seriousness though, this post is to inform you that indeed summer has arrived and with it, the usual activity drop. Therefore we're also using this time to take a small 4 week "leadership break", meaning no regular activities such as RE4SpecT Ops for the moment. First one will kick off again on Sunday July 19th. Does this mean nothing will be organized in the meantime? No, anyone is free to host whatever they want. There will be organized stuff in the upcoming weeks for sure, just not the regular roster.  ;D

In the meantime we do encourage you guys also to take it slow and maybe ,if you want, use this time to check out some other games with fellow RE4pers!

A couple tips:
22/05/2020, 15:17 by Wolkenwand Outfit News

Official Apology for our newsletter

Dear Re4pers

Due to our mailing system being as old as the outfit itself, a bureaucratic error managed to slip through our system. The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was not implemented yet, and so we sent you our Newsletter without having your approval for it.
We are sorry for this! Please ignore our mail, or even delete it.
If you like getting messages from us, please visit your profile on re4pers.com and check the newsletter box.

Thank you for your understanding!
10/04/2019, 00:17 by PSNews Planetside 2- News

Developer Livestream - Thursday, April 11 @ 2 PM PT

On Thursday, April 11th, 2019, at 2:00 PM PT (11:00 PM CEST) the PlanetSide 2 development team will be hosting a livestream at http://twitch.tv/planetside2!

With DX11 and the Nanite Systems Operatives faction available on the PTS, we're just around the corner from a big live update! We wanted to take a moment to check-in and chat about a couple of the things that are coming to the game, including DX11, Mentor Squads, and maybe even a sneak peek at the future tutorial system.

While the stream won't be too long, you'll also be able to hang out with us on Friday, April 12th, 2019, at 2:00 PM PT (11:00 PM CEST) during our Community Playtest on the PTS! More details will be announced during tomorrow's livestream, but be sure to mark your calendars now.

See you there, soldiers!

Source: Official News and Announcements
Are you no longer in the outfit due to inactivity? Or Logged in in game and are no longer apart of the outfit?

As long as you were kicked only for inactivity or by accident (you were not given a reason as to why you were kicked) and not for any rule breaking then you don't have to re-apply on the forum!

All you simply need to do is post here on this thread requesting a re-invite and once checked out a re-invite to the outfit ingame will be arranged as well as correct ranks applied.

If you have never been a Re4per, had your application rejected or have never applied you will need to follow the normal application procedure, those that have failed the recruitment period will need to apply again as well.

Any issues with recruitment/joining the outfit or finding out why you were kicked can be asked on this thread as well.
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