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Author Topic: [PTS] Apr. 1, 2019 - PTS Update (DX11)  (Read 1428 times)

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02/04/2019, 02:15


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DX11, activate!

The hour is at hand! DX11 has descended upon the public test server! Our testing has proven out substantial framerate increases for various hardware configurations and settings, and there are more gains to be had coming down the pipe.

Alongside that, we've included all sorts of new and exciting bugs to explore! From UI brokeness, to more-slippery-than-normal vehicles, to weird animation issues, to shaders showing up incorrectly, etc.

We plan to run a community playtest toward the end of next week, and a livestream before then. We'll be letting DX11 soak on Test over the weekend, and use the next week to work on known issues, and new ones you, the community, uncover before then.

Be sure to follow @planetside2 on Twitter for updates, and the www.twitch.tv/planetside2 channel for when we go Live!

Source: Planetside 2 Test Server: Announcements

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02/04/2019, 12:36


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Re4per Test Squad asemble! 8)

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02/04/2019, 12:51


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02/04/2019, 16:36


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02/04/2019, 16:58


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This is really a HUGE improvement in performance. I now get over 180-220 fps on absolute EPIC settings, with nothing to increase, over the regular 120-140 on potatoes-mose.


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