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Author Topic: Esamir Teaser Updates  (Read 1109 times)

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28/06/2020, 16:18


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It seems the devs are teasing something for Esamir here are some examples:

News in Sanctuary


More Information

Warpgate Anomaly on Esamir

Storm above esamir

How do you guys think this will turn out? And what could this be all about?

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28/06/2020, 22:18


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Wrel mentioned on Arshee stream that Esamir and another continent (thought it would be Amerish) that it will get revamped in the near further. 

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29/06/2020, 16:45


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It´s about Time to change the flow or defrost esamir.

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29/06/2020, 17:01


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OR! ...just add loadstars to the game?! I want them! Do them esamir only if You must!
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