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18/10/2016, 17:59 by ZinorraProSe Planetside 2- Event

[26/10/2016,19:45 CEST] Re4pers OPS

Dear fellow Re4pers,

As some of you might or might not have noticed I've been relatively inactive lately. The reason for that is not only that university is starting again and blocking most TTT's but also that I find the open Platoon Gameplay not very interesting anymore.

For me and other players like me the great Re4spect-events organised by Wolkenwand are next to the only alternative but they are few and irregular. Same goes for other Tactical squads we run randomly.

What I propose is an REGULAR (once every 2 weeks?) OPS, similarly run like the joint Ops with KAIN that will allow us to fight in an more organised and efficient way. This means:
- Everyone on TS and with Mic
- becon rotation
- Movement and Positioning (which means spreading out, only when the leaders says so. if not, trying move and push in a cohesive force.)
- calling out tasks (e.g. when you or the Lead says that someone pulls a sundy you call it out)
- calling out enemies
- calling out revives (needed or giving)

We will keep an eye on alerts and on the Map but the priority lays on good fights which a typical stale Indar T or Esamir Y can't provide. This is still no farming squad and we will try to help the NC as good as possible which will result in following kinds or fights:
- tacticool point holds with close comms
- sundy balls and close vehicle columns
- Zerg control if needed, in the following ways:
  - AV/AA n...
30/09/2016, 00:48 by Plantpotsoldier Planetside 2- Event

[13/10/2016,21:00 CEST] KAIN JOINT OPS

KAIN joint ops, our turn to host.

I will take the platoon lead for this one, going to need a couple of people to squad lead as well please. Teamspeak is a requirement to join this event, don't need to speak but you have to be on It. We will be on our teamspeak on the joint ops channel, please be there 10 minutes before the start so we can sort out numbers/squads.

those that register for the event on the forum will have guaranteed places in the platoon, of course if there are spaces when the event starts you can join (as long as you're on teamspeak) however if the platoon is full and you haven't registered then you will have to wait till someone leaves. Also you may be kicked to make room for someone who has registered.

Depending on numbers and if KAIN are happy, we may make an air squad to support the platoon. If you wish to fly (no guarantee) please also state this when you register. We're not needed for filming this time so no messing around with that, just good old joint ops with KAIN!

See you guys out There!

EDIT: Those guys wishing to squad lead please make sure you have channel commander set up and good to go before the event starts.
09/08/2016, 12:17 by stonedmedic Battlefield

[18/08/2016,21:00 CEST] JOINT OPS WITH KAIN

Next joint ops with KAIN are going to take place on our TS. We need to provide 2 squad leaders and a PL.
04/08/2016, 10:12 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

100+ of 100+

Ladies and Gentlemen,

this comes a bit late, but a few days ago we breached a very symbolic line. I am proud to say that we have more then 100 players with battlerank 100+ in our rows now. This makes every detoxification center jealous ...

Thanks for all your trust, your integrity and teamwork. This outift is the best gaming community I ever was part of. We dont need a Trump, we are great already!

Fear the Re4pers!

21/07/2016, 21:10 by maikel580Rebel Planetside 2- News

Improving the Alert System in Planetside 2!

Hello everyone!  ;)

I am Maikel580, and my main is a TR char in RMIS. (just incase you did not knew me yet)

I would like to see the alert system in planetside 2 improve, cause at the moment I dont really see any outfits playing together, I never hear anyone screaming in the command channel and above that i personally dont see why i still should even try to take a base... This is quite a serious problem, I dont want to see planetside 2 die yet and i want to have fun when i lead my public platoons!

In the past there was a system called 'facility alerts' were you had to capture and hold as many major facilitys (biolabs, amp stations and tech plants) back then outfits worked together through the command channel and won battles because of teamwork, not because of 500 Zerg russ member rushing the points. A lot of people enjoyed this system but since its gone a lot of leaders and players left and planetside 2 is slightly getting less interest.

I want to rebuild some previous golden times, but i can only make one step at the time. I thereby made a petition on Change.org, but please dont see it as a petition, its more meant as a offial count of how many people want to facility alerts back so daybreak can see it and maybe implement it. We already have big VS outfits like Trid onboard and there is stuff regarding this on their website and twitter. Now i wanted to contact the Re4pers cause you guys are a big ass outfits too and i think you en...
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TheMathManMan by Duckyyz
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Zerbeuler by Plantpotsoldier
[23/04/2017, 20:03]

Imposibl3 by Plantpotsoldier
[22/04/2017, 07:01]

OplaySephiorat by Plantpotsoldier
[22/04/2017, 07:01]

UnorthodoxMeasures by Plantpotsoldier
[22/04/2017, 07:00]

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