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The Re4pers want you!

Dear fellow brothers and sisters,

with the upcoming 3rd of february our outfit is about to get 7 years old.
In order to celebrate this anniversary in the appropriate manner we will have one of the whole
following weekendends filled with several events. Which weekend depends on the outcome of this >>vote<< with the possible outcome (8th and 9th of february) or (22th and 23th of february).

For the festivities we have a rough schedule with the following events:

- Vehicle Vip Rush  

- Building our castle  

- Harasser Race Tournament

- Deus Vanu

- The outfit portrait / how many Re4pers can we have online [ 23.02.2020 sunday 20:00 cet ]  

and many other events including also coordinated platoons

This schedule may change a little or will be updated to also list other events but set times will mostly stay the same.
If you have a idea for a event you would like to see at the anniversary, feel free t...
17/11/2019, 12:04 by Wolkenwand Outfit News

RE4SpecT - A bigger plan

Hey ho everyone!

For the next four weeks we will have a RE4SpecT every Wednesday starting @ 19.00 CET.

The first three ones will be a bit different from what you have seen before. Session 1-3 are meant as real training sessions. Before going to live we will do 30 mins of Koltyr training, depending on you wishes we will tackle different objectives there.

At latest 19.30 CET we will go to live and start with squad composition. Important notice here: The one we start with is not build in stone - it is only important that key roles are always covered. So if you take a key role and want to switch, call for replacement.

This stuff should be done fast and effecient - hopefully with the help of FIRETEAM LEADERS, so if you think you would like to lead a unit of 3-4 give me a heads up!

After the last round of RE4SpecT we want to introduce small breaks after most fights. With them we would like to do a brief analysis of what was good and what could have been done better.

On the 4th session we are going wild and show auraxis what we have learnt in the last weeks.
RE4SpecT at its fullest, no Koltyr, no breaks, just full firepower.



16/11/2019, 21:02 by Wolkenwand Outfit News

Koltyr training

Hey everyone!

We will have more and more training sessions on Koltyr. As a VR enviroment, you can simply try out all faction with full access to everything the game offers.

We are mostly playing NC vs TR, so having a TR character on Cobalt is recommended from now on.

Some training grounds we already tried:
Tripple Stack at the Tech Plant
C Point Yard of the Biolab Outpost
B Point Hall of the Biolab Outpost (my favorite so far)

Still to be tried:
Techplant balcony defense
Amp Station A Point

What would you like to train? Always looking for new stuff!

Most of the time we are doing "wipe scenarios" - one spawn, until one team is down.
So far everybody who joined enjoyed it a lot! So just give it a try.

Either group up and go directly for Koltyr or wait for a RE4SpecT. We are doing 30 mins of Koltyr fights before switching to live.

Hey guys!

Wouldn't it be epic to have a full week again with a platoon full of RE4 every night?
This will be our objective!

For this we will need new and old leaders, soldiers and friends!
Next to do is to find a shedule where you can set you self up for a date.

25.10.2019: "Spreading the word of the Re4aper" event
26.10.2019: Hyperion Magnus
27.10.2019: Infiltrator only spooky event
28.10.2019: "FE4R OF TERROR" event
29.10.2019: Plague ridden Doctor
30.10.2019: "One Lane to rule them all" by Stummerursel
31.10.2019: Halloween Special

Next to pushing for hard fought territory we will also revive many of our fun events!
So get youself in gear!
28/08/2019, 19:53 by Wolkenwand Planetside 2- Event

[07/09/2019,20:00 CET] Big Ass Combined Arms Project

It is coming closer!

Some of you have already been part of it, some may have heard stories about. We are going big again!
The idea is easy: We are bringing up 4 squads with best communication and dedicated goals to Auraxis to reck fear to our enemies!
The four Squads divide up into “RE4SpecT”, “Support”, “Big Guns” and “Joker” – each of them lead by up to two officers for maximum impact.

  • “RE4SpecT” will be the first to drop, setting position around the point and killing (or stalling) everything that comes close to it.
  • “Support” will be the second punch, without them Alpha would be dead so they are also called "Alphas Guardian Angel".
    Mixed and adapting forces, moving with logistics, bringing in spawn points and much needed infantry when Alpha struggles the most.
  • “Big Guns” will be our back bone – crushing enemy tanks and keeping the skies clear. With a mixed squad of ground vehicles and air vehicles to support each other they will engage enemy positions with maximimum efficiency. Scouting, luring in enemy air crafts into AA traps will give additional points. They will provide the fire power to give our infantry space to breath.
  • “Joker” are the chessy guys, going with the meanest shit they can get on the battlefield. Mostly as adapting forces with Charlie  in vehicles and air, but also able to join as infantry fight with the fitting "health pool". Fast paced
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