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The Re4pers want you!


On Febuary the 3rd our great outfit will become 5 YEARS OLD!

This of course means we must celebrate with a glorious event! To give those that have not yet been apart of previous anniversary parties and also to hype up everyone else here's the last one:

As the 3rd falls on a Saturday (and I'm also working Saturday + Sunday) we will be hosting the event the day before on the 2nd (Friday). I appreciate Friday may be difficult for some but this being our 5 year anniversary I hope you can make an exemption!

like previous years the party will consist of fun/silly events to troll the sever, awesome well lead platoons to show the full power of the re4pers! As well as some group photos (no RE4 tag making this year, too painful!). we'll be looking to start around 1900CEST lasting for at least 3 hours (we'll do the main stuff in the first hour). Party will be on team speak as well and I fully encourage all Re4pers to be on there as well.

This is a call to all Re4pers, new and old, to come join us in celebrating 5 years of Re4pers! I feel 5 years is a real achievement and would love to see as many of us as possible there. No excuses! Last year we hit 100 Re4pers online at the same time, for our 5 year anniversary I would love to beat that! It is more tha...
24/12/2017, 14:21 by Duckyyz Planetside 2

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Re4pers,

With the Christmas Party that came to an end and the following holiday's, i want to say from all the leaders inside this outfit.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Have a great holiday and we will continuing our fight in 2018 on Auraxium.



12/12/2017, 18:51 by PlantPotSoldier Planetside 2- Event


Greetings Re4pers!

Obviously with the holidays coming up a lot of us will be busy with family/drinking/presents etc. I'd like to have one big party before everyone goes AFK for a couple of weeks. With the joys of my job/family the actual only day I can host this on will be the 23rd, I know this is very close to Christmas and on a Saturday too but it would be nice to get as many people as we can for it.

If we can we will have a closed re4pers only platoon+ and will have a mix of organised platoon play and fun events, I'm also up for suggestions and ideas for the day as well, maybe like prizes and steam game code giveaways?

As always event will be on teamspeak so the more we can get to join the better, please also advertise this event ingame if you're running a squad/platoon so that we can get as many of us together for a fun night! It will also be a nice to see some of the older members there too for a reunion, obviously if you can make it!

See you all there!
15/11/2017, 15:30 by PlantPotSoldier Planetside 2- Event

[04/12/2017,20:30 CEST] LARGE SCALE JOINT OPS

Greetings fellow Re4pers!

Halospud and terriorbird are reviving the NCCA for a one off large scale joint ops event on 4th December (hydras birthday). I appreciate our history with halospud and hydra isn't exactly a positive one, however I feel it has improved recently and it would be a shame to miss out on such an event seeing how much of an influence we have ingame. It's only been created today but looks like there is already a lot of interest from other outfits.

At the moment I've put us down to lead a public platoon however there is also an option to put a squad into a joint platoon if we so wish. unfortunately I'm working that date and it is most likely a night shift, I'll see about getting it off but feel I'lll probably get a middle finger from work. So I will need someone to lead the re4pers on the day incase I can't make it.

For the time being I just need numbers of people who are interested in taking part, if you are interested can you please register to this event to make it easier to track numbers. Also add on your registration if you can squad/platoon lead and if you can lead the event on the day. Also add if you want to be in the re4pers public platoon or in a closed squad in a joint platoon please.

Please get the word out to other re4pers especially ingame for those that don't frequent the forum often, let's get a good turn out from us and make a great night of it!

EDIT: Just to make it clear this is open to ...
16/08/2017, 01:20 by Duckyyz Planetside 2

Scrim Master: World Champions 2017

Good evening Members and visitors from the Re4pers.

In the weekends of 1st - 3th September and 8th - 10th September, The Re4pers will join (in cooperation with the outfit Red Mist) the Scrim Master World Champions Tournament. In that weekend we will try to take home the price of best team of that Tournament.

In the last couple of months The Re4pers and Red Mist joined forces to make a competitive team from both sides and worked together to finalized the team to get in shape for the SME tournament. So today we can announce that the team is complete and that the roster has been entered to the sign up. This means that we need your support those weekends for the team (Re4pers and Red Mist) by joining the live streams on Twitch.

Below are some additional information about the team and the tournament

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