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Author Topic: [PTS] Feb. 05, 2019 - PTS Update  (Read 240 times)

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06/02/2019, 00:46


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Known Issues

NSO characters aren't currently being sorted into teams properly, resulting many broken elements. Work to repair this functionality continues.

Wraith Cloak (Flash)

  • Cooldown from 5sec. to 3sec.
  • Initial energy cost from 25 to 10
Dev Note: These changes made their way to PTS late last year, though notes were never posted. We've also repaired an issue where energy wouldn't drain, that was broken during a fuel bar UI fix around the same time period.

End of Continent Precision Strikes

  • Damage over time area of effect from 300m to 50m
  • Detonation area of effect outer radius from 150m to 100m
Dev Note: Reducing the damage over time area of effect here will lets players redeploy from the zone more easily.


We've decided to increase ammo capacities beyond their current Live values to offset the reduced sustainability of NC MAX shotguns post PTS update.

Slugs should now no longer be available on PTS.

NCM1 Scattercannon

Ammo capacity to 54 to 72

AF-41 Hacksaw

Ammo capacity from 48 to 72

AF-23 Grinder

Ammo capacity from 60 to 72

AF-34 Mattock

Ammo capacity from 54 to 72

Previous patch notes indicated the incorrect damage and falloff for the Mattock shotguns, these values are unchanged as of this PTS, and previous patch notes have been updated to reflect the proper values.

The correct damage and falloff values are as follows: 100 @ 15m - 75 @ 50m

Lockdown (TR MAX)

Renders the player immune to being moved by knockback based attacks, like Orbital Strikes or Tank Mines. (Does not alter the behavior of being bumped by a vehicle, thrown by a jump pad, etc.)

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • MAX slugs have been properly removed and refunded.
  • NSO Proximity Mines, Tank Mines, C4, Mine Carrier, and Demolition Pouch should now provide the correct number of consumables.
  • Auxiliary Shield no longer shows a 3d model overlaid by an icon in the loadout screen.
  • Auxiliary Shield 3d representation changed in the loadout screen.
  • Alert timer now animates into view again when the map screen is closed, for added visibility.
  • Arbiter Armor should no longer have broken skinning.
  • NSO characters no longer go through the Basic Training directive.
  • Amerish Fieldplate for VS females should now show its innate camouflage.
  • Added Pixenal's "Reflection" loading screen submission to the rotation. (https://www.planetside2.com/news/ps2-6th-anniversary-loading-screen-contest-winners-2018)
  • Added FelixTheLion's "TR Scout Mission" loading screen submission to the rotation. (https://www.planetside2.com/news/ps2-6th-anniversary-loading-screen-contest-winners-2018)
  • Added Isonami's "Waiting For Orders" loading screen submission to the rotation. (https://www.planetside2.com/news/ps2-6th-anniversary-loading-screen-contest-winners-2018)
  • Removed the Holiday MAX Crash loading screen from the rotation.
  • Common pool weapons should once again be visible in non-NSO vehicle loadout screens.
  • Modified loadout screen visuals for Auxiliary Shield utility slot item.
  • Speculative fix for an exploit related to reload speeds under certain circumstances.

Source: Planetside 2 Test Server: Announcements

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  • Flower-Power ? Firepower !

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Took them long enough, but just one loading screen?


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