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Jeah would be great if this bug which only harms one faction in particular could be solved -,-

Recruitment Archive / Re: satrus
« on: 20/05/2019, 21:44 »
Best way is to adress one of our officers ingame becauce sometimes they oversee names on the list.

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: PC Hotfix - 5/14
« on: 15/05/2019, 10:15 »
I love how they not just say "You move fast" but "made you run like Sonic"

@Arctic and Panda, Cool ^^


Our new file packing system offers better encryption of assets, which means a more secure game overall.


Does this mean all this pathetic little fucks lose their access to hitbox modification and such cheats.
Ohhhhhhh, no     

Guess this will take away some "glorious" vet's for a while.

Ohhh no,the NC max gets a small bit of its power back. Major outrage incoming.

Recruitment Archive / Re: MaTaNzA86
« on: 22/02/2019, 17:16 »
Direct invitation with the command only works if the person you want to invite is online

Recruitment Archive / Re: FatKidZEasy2Kill
« on: 17/02/2019, 00:11 »
your name is Flo? for Florence??
I would say Flo for Florian

It wasn't.
When DBG was sharing the message it was still the 13th of february for them.

Recruitment / Re: BattleNurse
« on: 10/02/2019, 19:33 »
Pls apply ingame or adress one of our officers so vie can invite you ingame too.


Recruitment / Re: NCane
« on: 10/02/2019, 19:30 »
Pls apply ingame or adress one of our officers so vie can invite you ingame too.


Recruitment / Re: Analinvaders
« on: 10/02/2019, 12:52 »
In order to join us you have to leave your current outfit. Pls inform us if you want to stay in the other outfit so we can cleanup our recruitment list.


Recruitment / Re: Analinvaders
« on: 07/02/2019, 19:34 »
[..](pls overlook my name)[...]

...first answer:
your name is quite confusing and or really funny

welcome to the re4


and welcome to the outfit




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