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I'm done with updating the Ranking-map and it's working now as intended 100% for Firefox. Only the text and visual representation might be updated in the future.


At this point i'm not sure how far i get with other Browser.
Currently status:

Microsoft Edge:
80% certain elements don't appear in the right layer making them not accessible

50% same as ME plus wrong (stretched) displaying of elements

Internet Explorer, don't hold your breath for this

The Re4pers Ranking Map 1.02 is out


Text will be added soon.
Pls report additional problems with other browser or devices.

Currently known issues:

Promotion Arrows which are bigger (like those in the center) don't respond when hovering with a mouse over them.

Microsoft Edge:
Multiple arrows don't respond and it's not possible to interact with them.

Elements get deformed.

Internet Explorer

Due to several unexpected problems connected to the way the map behaves in the forum i decided to work on a different approach.

This would allow me to fix minor mistakes connected to basic features (like making elements easy to view and interactable)
and in the best case a more handy way for the development.
While this would change little parts of the appearance the main format would not change at all which would stay in the current form.

This means i can't say how soon i have the map in an accessible state.

How the score-reset feels for less successful outfits.

I present:
The Re4pers Ranking Map 1.01 Beta

This project is still under heavy construction due to several issues with the interface.
Infoboxes will be filled soon currently planned containing a short description of the rank in a few words,access to Outfit resources and probably rights in the community. (If you want more or have suggestion please don't hold yourself back)
I hope to be able to fix most problems in the near future.

Current Infobox layout:
-Rank name
-short discription
-accessible resources

-kind of promotion
-link to page of application if needed

Please share your experience if you use some kind of exotic device or browser leading to shit "unique" outcomes

90% done on Microsoft Edge
90% done on Firefox and Chrome
No bright furure for Internet Explorer

known issues:

-Grid gets displayed improperly in the post.  (solved)  (It might be moved to a external place)
-Infoboxes don't get dissplaid at the proper possition in Firefox  (Infobox has been shrinked to work better on the forum)
-Properties of elements don't apply in IE leading to a unbuild grid.
-Hierarchy of elements doesn't work on every browser.

-Promotion process in the center of the map including the promotion to the council and close elements has been disabled due to problems with the rectangular hitbox of the icons. (still working to include a syntax making it possible to apply a polygon hitbox for elements)

Council Icon
The Council
Platoon Leader
SquadLead Icon
Squad Leader
Specialist Icon
Veteran Icon
Fileld Officer Icon
Fielder Officer
Soldier Icon
Grunt Icon
PlatoonProm Icon SoldierProm Icon GruntProm Icon SpecialistProm Icon FieldOfficerProm Icon VeteranProm Icon
CouncilProm Icon
FromSpecialistProm Icon
Squad Leader Prom Icon



Outfit Wars

In recent months, a small, short-lived wormhole had begun periodically appearing near the planet of Auraxis. Over time, the timing and placement became somewhat predictable, enticing Empires to venture through with expeditionary forces, eager to explore or claim what was hidden beyond.

Outfits now have access to a new competitive environment taking place on a new zone called Desolation. Desolation is amidst an asteroid belt harboring ancient Vanu obelisks, far from the war on Auraxis.

Each cycle allows Outfits to enlist, qualify, prepare, and compete once per month in a three-way skirmish hosting the most influential Outfits.


  • During the Enlistment phase, players are given the opportunity to opt-in to the Qualification phase, where scoring will take place.
  • Enlistment requires a modest resource investment to fund your trip through the wormhole.

  • When the qualify phase begins, all enlisted Outfits will then scramble to capture and claim territory to earn points on the scoreboard.
  • The outfits with the highest scores from each faction will be pitted against one another during the competition.
  • There are three brackets (gold, silver, bronze,) which means that, at most, up to 9 outfits (top 3 from each faction,) may participate in the war.

  • The prepare phase gives Outfits an opportunity to rally their members, and a finally chance to craft more War Assets to take with them for the trip to Desolation.
Compete (War)

  • When the war phase begins, players can join the Desolation zone by opening the Outfit Wars UI window in the Outfit Menu, or by going to the World Map screen.
  • An Alert will then trigger on Desolation where Outfits attempt to capture and control as much territory as possible, which earns them points over time.
  • The Outfit with the most points at the end of the Alert (or the first to 500 points,) wins additional resources, rewards, and glory for their Empire.


Sounds like something we should give our best to dominate this.

Recruitment / Re: xxRey619xx
« on: 29/02/2020, 21:43 »
Welcome to the outfit.

Recruitment / Re: Ethnicbadgers
« on: 27/12/2019, 17:20 »
It's done, thank you for clarification.

Recruitment / Re: Ethnicbadgers
« on: 27/12/2019, 13:37 »
There is currently a demand for deletion pending.Pls confirm if this was right because in some cases these turnout to be a missclick.

Otherwise welcome to the outfit.

Dalton (Liberator Bellygun)

    Direct damage from 1200 to 1500
    Reload from 2.5sec. to 3.25sec.
    Changed the first person trail particle effects to better represent projectile distance from the player.
    Changed the explosion particle effect to better reflect the blast radius of the weapon.

Dev Note: Due to extensive community feedback regarding this weapon, we've made some significant changes to the Dalton. In 1v1 Liberator versus Liberator confrontations, shots to kill will be brought from a 5/6 shot burning/kill (or 6/7 shot burning/kill with all bottom armor shots) to a 3/4 shot burning/kill from all angles. Non-composite armor ESF will once again be one-shotted when struck. We've also lengthened the reload time of this weapon and increased the damage to emphasize its power, and reward skillful aim over spam.

extensive community feedback

When you sit in front of your keyboard as a dev writing this and you have to write something without using the words "whiny reddit shithole" but "constructive" is the least fitting world in the whole english vocabulary. ^^

And yes, the Canis buff makes like zero sense since this weapon performs great (just not as unfairly overwhelming as right after release).

Recruitment Archive / Re: ZIXGAME
« on: 21/09/2019, 10:41 »
Welcome in the outfit.

Recruitment Archive / Re: NightBlade7
« on: 21/09/2019, 10:41 »
Welcome in the outfit. If you got any questions about changes and new content, feel free to ask here or on TS.

Recruitment / Re: Shome3
« on: 04/09/2019, 22:35 »
Welcome to the output

I just think this shild mechanic would be a better choice for a complet new vehincle generating a large shield for your team.

Ours is not completly bad, it just "forces" us to play with cover to make good use of the shield recharge.
But to be honest the new extra shield for the prowler is 10 times cooler.

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