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Dear fellow brothers and sisters,

with the upcoming 3rd of february our outfit is about to get 7 years old.
In order to celebrate this anniversary in the appropriate manner we will have one of the whole
following weekendends filled with several events. Which weekend depends on the outcome of this >>vote<< with the possible outcome (8th and 9th of february) or (22th and 23th of february).

For the festivities we have a rough schedule with the following events:

- Vehicle Vip Rush  

- Building our castle  

- Harasser Race Tournament

- Deus Vanu

- The outfit portrait / how many Re4pers can we have online [ 23.02.2020 sunday 20:00 cet ]  

and many other events including also coordinated platoons

This schedule may change a little or will be updated to also list other events but set times will mostly stay the same.
If you have a idea for a event you would like to see at the anniversary, feel free to share and prepare it here.

We also celebrate the whole anniversary at our TS. So don't miss to take part in the party there. Even with the working ingame chat the TS is the best option to have us all together even if you just join without a microphone but some kind of speaker.

With all this said. Don't miss this event and join us.


Recruitment / Re: Ethnicbadgers
« on: 27/12/2019, 17:20 »
It's done, thank you for clarification.

Recruitment / Re: Ethnicbadgers
« on: 27/12/2019, 13:37 »
There is currently a demand for deletion pending.Pls confirm if this was right because in some cases these turnout to be a missclick.

Otherwise welcome to the outfit.

Dump, we had a parallel 1,5 squad running with Hyperion, which was quite useful and we could coordinate when it was needed. Also sometimes people just want to play alone. Would you kick Felix for example for not joining?

Would totally kick that guy.

RE4 Operations / [28/10/2019,20:00 CET] FE4R OF TERROR
« on: 28/10/2019, 10:15 »

Fear can be described in many ways, It also can be triggered by several circumstance.
One factor going hand in hand with fear is a queasy uncertainty not to know what's about to happen. The plan is to let people witness a rain of terror in a way they don't expect in a moment the won't like it.

We will haunt big groups of people in far fights but also single individuals who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is basically an event as a start for the "Full week of bringing FE4R to Auraxis!"

I will handle it in big terms as a good old mentor platoon but with some first glance what all of this week is about.

I can take the 25th which was the only good day for me in the first place ^^



20:00-0:00 CEST

Dalton (Liberator Bellygun)

    Direct damage from 1200 to 1500
    Reload from 2.5sec. to 3.25sec.
    Changed the first person trail particle effects to better represent projectile distance from the player.
    Changed the explosion particle effect to better reflect the blast radius of the weapon.

Dev Note: Due to extensive community feedback regarding this weapon, we've made some significant changes to the Dalton. In 1v1 Liberator versus Liberator confrontations, shots to kill will be brought from a 5/6 shot burning/kill (or 6/7 shot burning/kill with all bottom armor shots) to a 3/4 shot burning/kill from all angles. Non-composite armor ESF will once again be one-shotted when struck. We've also lengthened the reload time of this weapon and increased the damage to emphasize its power, and reward skillful aim over spam.

extensive community feedback

When you sit in front of your keyboard as a dev writing this and you have to write something without using the words "whiny reddit shithole" but "constructive" is the least fitting world in the whole english vocabulary. ^^

And yes, the Canis buff makes like zero sense since this weapon performs great (just not as unfairly overwhelming as right after release).

Recruitment Archive / Re: ZIXGAME
« on: 21/09/2019, 10:41 »
Welcome in the outfit.

Recruitment Archive / Re: NightBlade7
« on: 21/09/2019, 10:41 »
Welcome in the outfit. If you got any questions about changes and new content, feel free to ask here or on TS.

Recruitment / Re: Shome3
« on: 04/09/2019, 22:35 »
Welcome to the output

I just think this shild mechanic would be a better choice for a complet new vehincle generating a large shield for your team.

Ours is not completly bad, it just "forces" us to play with cover to make good use of the shield recharge.
But to be honest the new extra shield for the prowler is 10 times cooler.

@Dump:Yes, but it allows you to see for instance if the player who did it shot you from behind a wall or object like those who camp under the ground of a BioLa

...not saying anyone would cheat in this game because they_are_just_good™ but in case something like this exist.

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