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Recruitment / Re: elmasmejor69
« on: 21/02/2020, 18:35 »
Bienvenido a los segadores

Tier 4 Reward - Cold Heart Implant, "Abominable" Title

COLD HEART??????????????????????? are you fucking kidding me????
why not something useful??
why not something cool?

nah cold heart for NC...

on the bright side, I look forward not to put any effort on this event

RE4 Operations / Re: Kicking of not so active members
« on: 06/12/2019, 17:14 »
then nevermind my rambling, I just recovered from a fever :p

RE4 Operations / Re: Kicking of not so active members
« on: 06/12/2019, 15:21 »
The problem is not the people that like this or that as bashar says, it's the ones that ask to be part of the outfit and a year passes and no signs of life from them, I have said it before and I say it again, there is no point on having 500+ members if 200 of them are away for 6 months to more than 1 year, also, if someone is kicked and comes back into the game it is quite easy to ask to be part of the outfit again. Last time during the kickening, with Felix we kicked a fair amount of players that were away for over a year, however during one of the last community meetings we agreed on who was gonna be kicked and who wasn't.

I don't understand why some re4pers are so against kicking useless people, we always talk about encouraging players to play with us as a community, that's never gonna happen as bashar said, you can't force people to play our way because they like different styles, but again, no point on trying to encourage people that are not playing, they might as well be kicked.   

I see no love for the charger... I guess we will be stuck with the shitty reloading time and underwhelming mechanics

The canis buff is really uncalled for

one evening with medics and jackhammer HA's or pump shotgun LA's

I tested the nimitz shields in VR, I don't see the benefit of it, I arther stick to nanites AR or stealth

my recommendation would be something corsair, hyperx, not something too plasticky, corsair has aluminium body construction

just give the prowler a shield and call it vanguard, so much hassle to introduced new ideas that define an empire, defeats the purpose

"Hardlight Barriers now have a slightly larger exclusion radius to prevent barrier stacking" LOL so much for the fun

Recruitment Archive / Re: BOTYLIZM
« on: 06/08/2019, 04:59 »
World domination?, sounds good, I like you already, welcome

Recruitment Archive / Re: Ingemeisel
« on: 02/08/2019, 19:41 »
welcome Nixx... I mean ingemeisel

Recruitment Archive / Re: teleitita
« on: 24/07/2019, 22:34 »
retarded puppy

Are they from Cobalt too?


wolken, you leading?

Recruitment Archive / Re: 0BelowAverage0
« on: 07/07/2019, 04:47 »
Welcome to the outfit, enjoy your stay

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