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The Re4pers want you!

04/08/2015, 11:42 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

New RE4PERS Officers reporting in!

Fellow Re4pers,

it makes me proud to tell you that our officers corps is expanding and with it the capability to have one or more plattons up for your service.

A big applause and congratulations to:

Platoon Leader TerribleHarry &
Squad Leader Akkrya

Fear the RE4PERS!
28/07/2015, 15:01 by TheBUNKSTER Featured Video

Love is in the air. And some bullets too.

26/07/2015, 17:31 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

A new RE4 Squad Leader is ready for duty!

Fellow Re4pers,

our leading rows are filling up again - thats good news for the outfit and every single re4per in it.

Congratulations to your promotion to Squad Leader, Wardk!

Fear the Re4pers!
22/07/2015, 18:50 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

We have a new Platoon Leader!

I am very happy to announce that Earentil will serve the Re4pers as a Platoon Leader form now on. I think everybody knows how much he derserves it. He is one of our best and has the right attitude and temper to lead us even in difficult situations.

Congratulations and Fear the Re4pers!
19/07/2015, 16:10 by TheBUNKSTER Outfit News

Changes on the Website Permissions

Fellow Re4pers,

on the last community meeting we decided to vitalize the forum. In order to achive that, all Squad Leaders and ACEs have now the option to:

-create, modifiy or create events (there are multiple ways to do that. I recommend to left-click on a date in a calendar and fill out the appearing dialog box)

-Post threads as articles. They will show up on the frontpage in the middle of the page after doing that. NOTE: The whole THREAD will show up there, so you need to creave a new thread for every post you want to set to the front page. I recommend to double-post the chosen content in the "public announcements", lock it there and set it there as article. That will keep answers and discussions out of the front page and makes more space for other articles. I hope especially our youtubers will use that new function often. The new button "add as article" can be found on the very top right of a created thread.

I hope it all works as intended. If not, PM me please.

Fear the Re4pers!
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