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Author Topic: Outfit Structure, Rules and Duties  (Read 2853 times)

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Rules and Regulations

These rules apply ingame and on our board:
• Treat every player with respect. Not only RE4pers but also members of other outfits/factions.
• No intentional teamkilling whatsoever!
• Since the RE4pers are an international outfit, use english in TeamSpeak and especially in Squad, Platoon and Outfit chat.
• Don't dispute orders ingame, especially not during alerts and operations. Use PMs or TeamSpeak for that.
• Don't talk while someone else is talking. That applies for TeamSpeak aswell, even when someone is talking ingame.
• If you have a problem with somebody, be it a RE4per or someone from another outfit, solve it peacefully. Ask Staff Officers for diplomatic help if needed.
• No bugusing, exploiting, statpadding or cheating. If you become invincible, just relog. Zero tolerance.
• Joining our TeamSpeak is highly recommended. Even if you don't have a microphone, you can still listen.

These rules apply in regards to outfit armoury and resource usage:
Added by MrFFF based on the 16.08.2020 Council meeting:
• We aim to have fully equipped armoury during forum scheduled ops and events as a priority.
• Using armoury assets outside ops and events, when the resource pool and crafted assets are below 80% full, is prohibited. If above is met, usage is allowed under the condition of regaining the resources used (by gameplay or in game leadership) and personally re-crafting the used assets.
• Armoury assets should only be used during communal play preferably for tactical merit (though some group entertainment use is allowed) should not be used during solo play and for selfish gains.
• Not complying to the above Outfit armoury and resource rules, will result in a 2 week in game demotion to the closest non-asset-access rank, repeated offence punishment will be discussed and decided by the council individually.

Forum-specific rules:
• Create new topics in the right forum. Be aware of what is visible to whom.
• Try to avoid posting in old threads. Only do it if you want to bring up the discussion again, NOT if you just want to post your little comment about it.
• Use the search function before creating a new topic. Chances are someone posted the same idea/discussion before.
Red is considered our moderators' color for warnings. And should only be used by them.
• The distribution of content from our forum on other platforms (reddit, discord, etc.) without permission of the author is prohibited.
• Confidential discussions and content (drama posts) from other platforms shall not be shared on our forum.
• Advertisement (if not a requested information) is prohibited.

Guidelines for playing other factions:
• We recommend creating VS and TR characters on other servers to avoid possible issues. If you do create them on Cobalt we would like you to do the following:
• When you play VS or TR Chars on Cobalt, please tell us their names or name them in a way that we can recognize you.
• Don't be on a Teamspeak Server that belongs to another faction than the one you are playing. Information forwarding is prevented that way.
• No matter which faction you play, play serious and hard. No mercy for friends of other outfits both ways.
• You can play alerts with any faction if you are currently playing them. Play serious, play hard.
• On RE4pers Operation Day, Sunday NC Alliance Ops or other outfit relevant events, play NC and join our platoon.

Guidelines for streaming in the outfit:
• Streaming in general is allowed.
• Streaming while participating in our regular ops is only allowed under the condition of not transmitting any communication from TS and with a delay of atleast 4 minutes on the stream.
• Streaming in public platoons is allowed unless the platoon leader forbids the streaming in the platoon.
• Streaming while on our TS must be indicated by joining a dedicated TS channel or adding the information in your name.
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