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Hi there,

time to seriously kick some ass again! Got some holidays to spend and what could be better then spend it with you on Auraxis? (Karbooo, that was a rhetorical question.)

Platoons task will be simple: Domination. We will fight  every alert and go for the win. We will seek for the big fights and especially try to engage the coordinated platoons on TR and VS side, if there are any. When we have found them, we will show no mercy. Blue will be the new Black!

Hope to see you!

RE4 Operations / Re: RE-STARTING RE4PER OPS (again)
« on: 30/03/2018, 01:00 »
When I got it right, Plants idea was just to bottleneck our activity a bit. Like days where you expect an ops or just a plattoon going on. Thats good! I also think mega-events like the combined arms ops by wolken or KAIN-ops should be exclusive
 and no daily or weekly events. But having dedicated days for, lets simply say: organized gameplay ... it would give people like me an idea when to show up ... And I know there is a ton of old, (maybe rusty?) re4pers material here ;)

Time to kick some major ass again. We will go for alerts and continent locks - with a little fun event after each lock. 

Hope to see some ready-to-lead SLs tonight!

Fear the Re4pers!

Boy, this outfit has growen up so fast...

Will be there of course! Fear the Re4pers!

We could start to have a fix day on every week where we have a platoon up on the live server with a tactical squad in it. That would allow new players to try it and maybe some of them would be interested enough to join the more serious trainings too. Any suggestionts on which day we should try to do this?

Good old sunday is the best for it. You are absolutely right - thats something that needs to be done again. We had it for years but recently it looks like its hard to find people that lead it, and I will think about it myself. You will need a handfull of SLs willing to join, Plant is right to figure out this as an essential point. Ever two weeks we can invite KAIN again (for the new ones: These guys are old friends of us and they only play squad-wise).

Because our current live gameplay doesnt really reflect the nature of such ops: Squads will more or less work seperately and stay close together. They will have dedicated roles and missions (from close-air support, defending sundy positions, beeing a tank spearhead or just hold a building). The Platoon Lead makes sure that all the squads efforts will benefit each other.

How was the event actually?

Thanks for that funny weekend! We kicked ass seriously (check the continent colors):

Hopefully the NC will get some new builders though ... I have the feeling that TR and VS have much more activity there. But overall these changes sound promising.

When strategic building gets more important: Do we have a map with known cortium spawns at hand?

Oh people, that will be so nice.... cant await it.

See you there!

I just realized that I fucked up the event date in the first place. With weekend I mean of course Saturday-Sunday. Not Friday... I hope nobody was confused.

Fellow Re4pers,

it feels like ages since I got the option of gaming a full weekend and now that this time has come I want to spend it with the most lovely online crowd I ever met: TRID. Though, the only option to get close to them seems to run Re4pers Platoons the whole days, (starting at 10:00, ending around midnight) and visiting their nice purple warpgate over and over and over. We will meet them also in their spawnrooms (there wont be much more safe space for them), have nice little conversations over the yell-chat and count their bodies on the ground. From time to time (like after every won alert or so) we will have small fun-events: classics like harasser races, warpgate campings, full infiltrator or full medic platoons, air platoons and galaxy invasions. For target practice we gonna shoot some TR from time to time, I guess.

Sounds fun? Well, it will be.

Hope to see much of you on my side, making auraxis shine blue for two days!

Fear the Re4pers!

I thought it was joke as well. Obviously one should never underestimate the german humor  ;D

Thank you, Xerx. I feel very honored.

What an honor  ;D  Thank you Xerx!

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: Game Update - 9/7
« on: 07/09/2016, 17:29 »
Might our decal go live with that?

Recruitment Archive / Re: Corgky
« on: 04/08/2016, 11:18 »
Oh, a pilot! Very nice! To be honest we lack of dedicated pilots and are happy to have you here. Some of our pilots are organizing trainig or air squad sessions from time to time. Check the forum for that!

Welcome to the re4pers!

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