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Author Topic: THE END OF OUTFITWARS AND THE FUTURE  (Read 4576 times)

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23/03/2021, 13:25


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Greetings Re4pers!

The end of Outfitwars

So our time in outfit wars has come to an end, with us sadly missing the finals and dropping out in 4th place within the NC outfits of cobalt. Although the outfit wars system obviously needs some work and will likely be awhile before we see the next season of outfitwars again, I hope at least for those that took part in our matches enjoyed themselves and had fun.

Although we didn't get the results we wanted and of course we have lessons to learn for next time, I just want to say a huge thank you to all that took part in our matches. From the Grunts to the leaders and all those in between you all fought hard against overwhelming forces and you all diligently attended every match and meeting that was required of you. Be proud of what you achieved and the effort you put in, I don't think we would of achieved half as much if it wasn't for all your guys work. it is still an honour and a privilege to be able to lead such a great outfit.

As mentioned there is always room for improvement and reflection, that is why we have a post up for all feedback from outfitwars. All pros and cons about ourselves and/or the outfitwars this season can be made there. All Re4pers are welcome to come give their feedback on the subject:


Looking to the future

So moving on from outfit wars what can you expect from your outfit? Well for starters a lot of leaders have been burnt out from the outfitwars, for some it has almost become a 2nd job! So expect many to be taking a short well deserved break from leading to recharge their batteries before resuming their leadership roles.

Looking to the future we will be looking at maintaining all our specialist groups (RMC, F4T, R4F, 4RT, R4T) to ensure their continuity as well as keeping up opportunities to help new people enter these groups and get into the air/armour/construction game. We will also start up the RE4SPECT combined arms Sunday events again in the near future after everyone has had a break now that outfitwars is finished.

We will also be looking at in the coming weeks having multiple events (both fun and serious) running weekly/monthly as well as Re4per/public platoons up during the week too. All will be posted here on the forum so always check the forum regularly if you wish to take part in these events!


That's it for now guys, once again thank you all for all the work you have done in the pass 10 weeks. You all have worked hard and should be proud of what we achieved. Take a break if you need to and I'll see you all in game!

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