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at least the orbital towers should be killable now, 15 minutes till max range though? think thats a bit too quick, think TRID or other VS outfits will be exploiting that to remove people defending points before they drop on it.

Night shift tonight, hope you guys have fun!

Recruitment Archive / Re: Trooja
« on: 06/05/2018, 19:21 »
Welcome back!

Recruitment Archive / Re: MooseByson
« on: 05/05/2018, 12:07 »

agree, five hours till a faction can trigger an alert then followed by another hour and a half? continent rotation will be even slower.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Arghay
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RE4 Operations / Re: RE-STARTING RE4PER OPS (again)
« on: 05/04/2018, 15:28 »
Right guys voting is closed. Winning days are Sunday in first place, and Saturday and Wednesday joint second/third. Seeing as Sunday got the most votes that will be one of our two days, and as we want these two days spread out we will go with Wednesday instead of Saturday as the other day.

Just to remind you guys these days aren't so to speak 'OP days' but more days that we will try to have a platoon up. Initially we will go with the default time of 1900CET for starting (obviously a platoon can start whenever) but we can change that if needs be. For this to work I ask you guys to please attend one or both of these days and help try getting a platoon going. If no one starts a platoon please take the initiative and start one! Leading can be stressful but also very rewarding, for those that haven't tried it please give it a go!

Let's get our name back out there as the best platoons on the NC!

EDIT: forgot to add that we'll be making some changes both forum side and in game to insure the message is passed to all memebers.

Recruitment Archive / Re: sergeantGRiflEX
« on: 03/04/2018, 13:09 »

RE4 Operations / Re: RE-STARTING RE4PER OPS (again)
« on: 31/03/2018, 22:47 »
Thank's DerWieder

I understand keeping ops not as frequent to keep them interested, but the idea behind doing Re4per ops would be to ensure we have a more reliable regular platoon play. I want to create two days that people will know that something will be up, I feel at the moment people join our outfit and then never play in our platoons again because they don't know when they're up and they lose interest. This is about ensuring regular platoon play rather than big organised events.

I was primary reacting over the "you must show up" part of your first message.

As long as it's just to choose days in week where we agree to have regular platoons organized, i'm fine with it  ;)

Ahh no problem, I say 'must show' to try and encourage people to join as the more people that come the better they will be! Obviously I can't force people to join :P

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