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Author Topic: July 01, 2020 - PC Hotfix  (Read 95 times)

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01/07/2020, 03:51


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PC servers will come down tomorrow, Wednesday July 1, 2020, at 6am PT (3pm CEST), for the game update below. Downtime is expected to last up to two hours.

Voice Communications

We've added a new panel to the Settings → Voice menu that shows the current state of connectivity to the server and each voice chat room.

If you run into issues with voice comms not working, you can press the Reset button, which will safely reconnect you to all of the available voice chat rooms.

[img alt=[IMG]]https://i.imgur.com/AUd5zOs.png


  • While in Skylance (deployed) Mode, you will now only see the HUD indicators of Bastion weakpoints within 1000 meters.
  • Skylance damage from 1500 all distances to 1500@500m - 1000@1000m
Dev Note: The falloff adjustments take the Skylance's typical 6 shot kill at all ranges against a Bastion weakpoint to a 6 to 8 shot kill depending your distance from the target. The HUD indicators now disappear when the Bastion is at ranges at which it can't retaliate. These two changes should help prevent Bastions from being dominated from extreme distances by a target they cannot see.

Bug Fixes

  • !! Vehicle turrets and third person vehicle cameras should no longer get stuck or have broken sensitivities.
  • !! Fixed a bug that allowed Cortium Bomb to be infinitely spammable.
  • We've optimized areas in the vehicle and infantry HUD UI that we identified to cause performance issues.
  • NSO ANT "Exterior" and "Other" cosmetic options are now categorized correctly.
  • Known Issue: We're aware of the "infinite repair bug" currently taking place on Live and are taking steps to resolve it in a later update.

Source: Game Update Notes


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