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Author Topic: Thoughts on the new continent?  (Read 3299 times)

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24/09/2018, 14:59


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And performance - some speculate that we might get directx 11 support


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28/01/2019, 13:33


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Are there any updates coming to Planetside 2 in the coming weeks or months? Is there something new cooking?

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28/01/2019, 13:56


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This wednesday (30.01.2019) the Beta of Planetside Arena will start. (including everyone who pre ordered the game)
DX11 is still in work but had some drawbacks on the PTS.
Oshnur is still in work but not the top priority of the DEV team and Wrel himself made clear that the continent design is a challenge to him as he had not much experience with a project of this scale.

The PS:A beta start might lead to a new wave of announcements in the following days/week.


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