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Author Topic: Earn the free Analyst Helmet  (Read 6752 times)

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01/08/2014, 18:38


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Here are the details on how to get the Test helmet:

  • Patch up Test
  • Make sure you use the same Station Name on Test that your Live account is on
  • Get in and help test Directives and the rest of the July update
I'm not posting exactly what the requirements are because I don't want people abusing the system. If you contribute, you will get the helmet. It doesn't take much, the standards are not outrageous by any means. Thanks!

Source: Official News and Announcements

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01/08/2014, 18:55


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Xerxates is this you or a SOE guy?! I'm confused lol
EDIT: nvm, just read the shoutbox >.<

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01/08/2014, 18:56


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Like I said in the shoutbox: We have a bot now, who posts the latest Planetside 2 News and Update Notes. Sorry for thread spam.  :P
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