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Author Topic: GreatBigMitch  (Read 542 times)

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13/05/2023, 21:34


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In-game name: GreatBigMitch

Battle Rank:  41

Age: 18

Country: Croatia

Why do you want to join the Re4pers: only coherent outfit ive seen so far. and long live the NC

Link to player profile: GreatBigMitch Profile


Hello GreatBigMitch and welcome to The Re4pers!

To join our outfit in-game too, please reach out to one of our officers on our Teamspeak server (ts.re4pers.com) and ask for an invite.

Once you get accepted in-game, your four weeks trial will start.

Feel free to introduce yourself in our Introduction Thread and make sure to read our guidelines.

Your forum group is changed to Grunt now. You can start viewing everything on the forum. You are also welcome to join our Teamspeak: ts.re4pers.com.

Remember to be friendly, active and polite.

We hope you will enjoy your time with The Re4pers. See you on Auraxis!

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14/05/2023, 11:54


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Already sorted out and in the outfit


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