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Author Topic: June 18, 2020 - Colossus update Hotfix (PC0  (Read 117 times)

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19/06/2020, 01:08


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We've published a small, client-only hotfix that addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed a number of Chinese and Russian translation bugs, including changing the server names back to their proper English names.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow NSO characters to remote pull the Colossus, causing them to spawn in dead with a bad camera angle. NSO should no longer be able to remote pull the Colossus Tank.
  • The Ordance Dampener should no longer cause the Infiltrator's cloak to display incorrectly in-person.
  • We addressed a performance issue that would occur when many nearby players had been buffed by an Ordance Dampener's effects.
  • RU/CN text should no longer be cut off on the "Open Map" button.
  • Fixed a bug when changing classes, the incorrect visual effect was being used. It's now using the correct green effect.
Today's hotfix will require a small download but no downtime. We are continuing to work on additional client-only fixes that we plan to publish as soon as they are ready. Anything that requires a client/server update will likely happen early next week (Mon/Tues). More details when they are available.

Source: Game Update Notes


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