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Author Topic: Briggs Merge - August 27th, 2019  (Read 185 times)

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23/08/2019, 22:17


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At 6AM Pacific on August 27th the Briggs server will be merged with the SolTech server. All characters currently associated with Briggs will become SolTech characters. That same morning we will be opening a character transfer window between the SolTech and Connery servers. That window will stay open until the end of September (9/30/2019 @ 11:59pm Pacific). Merging the Briggs server was not a decision we came to easily and we hope the Briggs players this merge is effecting will understand why this has to happen. That reason being the population of players on Briggs is not able to sustain the costs of continuing to operate in that region. We appreciate the support the game has received from all of the Briggs players and hope they will continue to play PlanetSide 2 on either SolTech or Connery servers for the foreseeable future. Our apologies if this announcement seems a bit late, we spent a very long time weighing all our options as to how best to proceed.

A small note on character transfers. We recommend you wait at least 10 minutes after ending a game session with a character before performing a server transfer of a character between SolTech and Connery. This should prevent any lost progress such as XP and Cert gain from your previous game session.

Source: Official News and Announcements


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