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Author Topic: [PTS] Jun 18, 2019 - PTS Update  (Read 200 times)

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19/06/2019, 03:48


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Summer event is now available on PTS.

  • Soldier Soaker returns – All Players gain access to a water-filled pistol sidearm that can be used for event completion, and will douse targets who are on fire.
  • Water Balloons return – All Players gain access to a water balloons that detonate in a big splash on contact, dousing targets who are on fire, and counting toward event completion.

New Summer Directive

  • Beat the Heat: Score kills with a Summer Holiday Weapon
  • Beachhead: Kill enemy vehicles while in a vehicle yourself
  • King of the Castle: Earn experience by capturing or defending a control point
  • Summer Support Ribbons: Earn summer support ribbons by resupplying or repairing friendly vehicles while in a vehicle yourself
  • Tidal Wave: Earn kills against MAX units during the Maximum Pressure event.
  • Tour Guide: While piloting a vehicle, earn gunner kills on enemies defending an Aerial Anomaly.

Alert Changes

  • Maximum Pressure is added to the alert rotation – Maximum Pressure is a new alert that asks players to get as many kills as possible, and makes MAX units free for the duration of the event.
  • Refine and Refuel is removed from the alert rotation
  • Gaining Ground is removed from the alert rotation

Thumper adjustments and fixes

Added a new Heavy Assault directive challenge that asks players to gain assist ribbons with a Heavy Weapon

At a later date, we will be removing Lasher/Jackhammer/Mini-Chaingun medals from the Heavy Assault directive.

Disruptor and Incendiary Ammunition both now function correctly.

Misc. Changes, Fixes, Improvements

  • Reduced the framerate hit when using the Heavy Assault shield in conjunction with some of the newer weapon models.
  • Aerial Anomaly victory threshold from 15,000 points to 10,000 points.
  • Anomaly swirly visuals got a minor update that makes them a bit fuller.
  • Fixed a UI element that was incorrectly listing bundle contents in the Depot.
  • Join Combat changes from the last update were partially reverted, and will now only use Drop Pods as a backup spawn method.
  • Another potential fix for blank reward notifications after completing an alert.
  • NSO characters have spawn beacons once again.
  • Warpgate spawn locations for all unlocked continents should now appear at all times.
  • Mineguard for NSO characters no longer appears twice for Harasser and Sunderers.
  • Clicking a Reinforcements Needed spawn location will no longer prevent the player from deploying to that area.
  • Spawning into balanced fights at contested regions with less than 60 allied population should now work.

Known Issues

  • We're continuing to resolve issues with Infiltrator cloak on low settings. There has been a small update to this, but our goal is to get it as closely in line with Ultra settings' visibility as possible.
  • Screen-clamped 3D HUD indicators move too quickly around screen under certain conditions.
  • Work continues on the invisible vehicle bug.
  • Work continues on the frozen loadouts bug.

Source: Planetside 2 Test Server: Announcements

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and makes MAX units free for the duration of the event


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