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Author Topic: ditzyDo0  (Read 178 times)

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07/06/2019, 20:35


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Ingame name: ditzyDo0

Battlerank:  58

Age: 18

Location: France

Why do you want to join the Re4pers: I'm enjoying planetside 2, I'm not bad at it either so I wondered if I could've make useful here. I also was tired of random outfits/squads with bad coordination and random people shooting a mountain hoping to hit something one day and this outfit has a good reputation so. I often play infantry but I'm trying to up an harrasser right now and I have a vangaurd ready to go. I'm Nanites at flying things tho. just to point out that I'm very shy and will probably don't speak much. I can write and follow orders tho.

Goodday to anyone reading this wall of text tho, I'm sorry that.

Link to player profile: ditzyDo0 Profile


Welcome to The Re4pers!

Please apply now ingame for the outfit as well, if not already done. You will be accepted there shortly.
Once you get accepted ingame, your four weeks trial will start.

First please introduce yourself in our Introduction Thread and read our guidelines.

Your forum group is changed to Soldier now. You can start viewing everything on the forums. You are also welcome to join our Teamspeak: ts.re4pers.com.

Be friendly, active and polite.


The Automatic Recruitment Manager

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08/06/2019, 10:16


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Welcome to the Re4pers


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