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Author Topic: VultraciderJadison  (Read 158 times)

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25/06/2020, 23:53


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Ingame name: VultraciderJadison

Battlerank:  49

Age: 35

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Why do you want to join the Re4pers: 91AR and just playing with my brother or friends is too inefficient for what NC is capable of and what I want so see accomplished playing on Auraxis.

People don't get it, that we need HEAVY METAL in form of Vanguards to break heavy Vanu attacks and sieges. Even small convoys of Vanguards can bring chaos to enemy troops on ground and air if armed wisely. I don't see engineer work (WW2 military sense) when destroying dug in enemies. We need MAXes with heavy close assault armament to break lines and let infantry in. We need a very good mix of arms and skills to master each and every confrontation.

I see my life wasted so often because people don't hold their lines or do busy work on Auraxis. Or they fight fights that are already lost before they begun. Or they don't see the infantry pixels on the horizon or little boxes far far away running between stones when a convoy of Magriders approach.

I want to play with guys who take Auraxis as real war and who pay full attention to surroundings. I even pay Daybreak for membership and weapons and stuff and even pick my skins/cosmetics/camo tactically.

I would really like to see how things work in your Outfit! I want to challenge our enemy hard. Very hard. Together with you.

Link to player profile: VultraciderJadison Profile


Welcome to The Re4pers!

Please apply now ingame for the outfit as well, if not already done. You will be accepted there shortly.
Once you get accepted ingame, your four weeks trial will start.

First please introduce yourself in our Introduction Thread and read our guidelines.

Your forum group is changed to Soldier now. You can start viewing everything on the forums. You are also welcome to join our Teamspeak: ts.re4pers.com.

Be friendly, active and polite.


The Automatic Recruitment Manager

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26/06/2020, 00:50


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26/06/2020, 00:59


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Welcome :) Had a really nice talk with you on Ts! Can someone accept him ingame please?

I am not 27 years old ;)

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26/06/2020, 01:39


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It was very nice to meet you on forum, TS and in-game!
Looking forward to kill things on Auraxis with all of you 8) :::333

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26/06/2020, 09:26


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Welcome to RE4! ;D
Don't worry I'm sure as a cow's manure!

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26/06/2020, 23:23


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Ok I accepted him ingame now :)

I am not 27 years old ;)


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