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Author Topic: Specalist Programm Camp  (Read 85 times)

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25/03/2020, 21:30


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Hey guys!

As we are still in the founding phase - it could maybe be a good idea to host an event for every group (similiar to the R4F or the fatguards).

So that you guys get to familiar with each other and try out the new ways of communication.

See ya planetside - outfitwars are coming!
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26/03/2020, 00:41


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looks like there is not much interest in a tactical group yet

the air vehicle and ground vehicle group look quite solid. i think these two groups will help the re4pers OPs a lot. a dedicated air and ground group is something that was missing, and now it looks like we have it. force commanders and platoon leaders could start implementing these groups into their leading strategies and start to use them

in order to get this rolling, a group event could be very helpful. i like this camp idea. so that both sides, the leaders as well as the  specialist can start to work on their communication between each other

if a specialized tactical group is forming later on, they can always join the -by then allready existing- battle unit
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