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Author Topic: 'Re4pers Air Force - R4F' Member List  (Read 673 times)

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23/03/2020, 13:17


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Thank You Iggy! Im putting You as the Group lead right now.

Charge, about the name change, we can do it if more ppl want to. Talk to Iggy, hes in charge now ^^'. Pun not intended
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24/03/2020, 21:03


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I fly reaver, almost exclusively. I consider myself competent when it comes to flying. I can give advice in regards to dogfighting and loadouts. How to use things like hornet missiles and how to track an enemy esf up close. I think I have about 170 hours in reaver at this point.
I fly planes, sometimes poorly.

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29/03/2020, 22:19


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Applying for R4F specalist group

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01/04/2020, 23:59


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Count me in ! I can join as a medium skilled Reaver Pilot

I am not 27 years old ;)

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02/04/2020, 16:12


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Flynewbie willing to learn new stuff so I'm in!

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02/04/2020, 18:51


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250+ h as a lib pilot. A little bit rusty atm because had a break with ps2. I have experience flying pretty much every loadout there is. Also attended most of the combined arms events ~half a year ago. So maybe some of you still know me :)

Also: If someone wants to gun a liberator (experienced or unexperienced) just message me when you see me online. I'm always down to fly or give new gunners a space to practice.
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02/04/2020, 20:41


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New pilot here, looking to get my wings in my Reaver.
I kinda know the basics, I'm lacking in proper experience (and maybe a bit of guidance)
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03/04/2020, 23:37


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liberator gunner here, usually with flatsemmel, not that experienced with flying

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05/04/2020, 16:51


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Hi boys, I would like to join the R4F as an A2G ESF Pilot (my dog fighting is dog SHIT) and a repair galaxy pilot/gunner.

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05/04/2020, 22:09


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Hey guys, had a blast in the air squad in the ops today, putting my name down in the forums for R4F.
I used to play a lot of ESFs a couple of years ago before I took a hiatus from the game.

I primarily use A2A/A2G ESFs when I'm in the air and I have around 10k Reaver kills.


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