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Author Topic: What is the Specialist program? Suggestions for groups and rules to govern them.  (Read 888 times)

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15/03/2020, 01:18


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"Codex Messorem"
Chapter 3: The Specialization Program
(Copyright not alright)

Welcome! I bring to You: The Re4pers Specialization Program!

To be honest, You can call them Guilds/Response Groups/Specialisation groups, or whatever. The point is that its a new initiative we have to systematize our trainings, tutorial crafting and discussing and utilization of both small and large group tactics. All that in one elegant swoop (of the Reapers scythe). The working title is Specialization Program and i will be calling it that from now. You can find it as a new Forum section under the Events. Now, Allow me to explain...

In a few words: Community driven groups to organize play styles, into functional divisions that give us the advantage on the Battlefield.

What is a Specialization Group?

I want them to be 3 things:
A group to discuss, perfect, and plan usage of specific play styles that Planetside2 provides us in abundance.
A tool for a Platoon lead / event organizer to use, count on, and to fulfil specific tactical tasks during ops.
A sort of label system, for easy indication of who is willing to cooperate or teach in a specific field

What do i mean by community driven?

Each groups will have its own small forum section to utilize as they see fit. You scam how to make the VS and TR days miserable, to share and discuss knowledge for everyone to browse trough, to brag about their achievements and hold contests, to have elections or parties or other events, really anything you can think off. This will be overseen and moderated by the groups leader (or leaders). Who are expected to be the voice of the group, and People to rely on when we need to call upon when their tool is the best for the job.

So going down to structure, each response group consists of:
- Group Leader - 1 or more per group, nominated upon group creation, might be handed over from one group officer to another. Specialist forum rank or higher. I imagine some PL/SL/Council/Veteran ranked players will want to host such group
- Group Officers - No required number of members. Minimum 3 months in outfit. Awarded specialist rank. Nominated by the group leader as recognition of good service, building on the group tactics by taking part in discussions, creating procedures and tutorials etc.
- Group Members - No rank award. Anyone who joins the group as a declaration of availability to fulfil the groups role and/or simply liking its specific play style. Participation in in-group discussions

"Functional divisions"?! Am i supposed to lead?!

Not really. While the ability to shout into TS and watch a specific group of dedicated players to go fulfil a task with no imput, i imagine, would be amazing perspective for every PL. Not every play style is best utilized in that way. And not every one joining or leading a Specialization group should be expected to make strategic decisions.
BUT Just a simple factor of realizing who out of the currently playing players, are willing to do SPECIALIZED things like getting Ground lock ons or pulling a router or getting 2 tanks to escort or most likely know where to put a sundy in the next base. Is a HUGE tactical advantage of understanding what your party is capable of and should not be undervalued.
Utilizing some of this during platoon ops might require a whole reserved "Tactical Squad" or Squads just for easier organization so that the PL knows that lets say Delta is out of the main platoon manoeuvrers while fulfilling a specific task.
Other group play style might be better to intersperse members between different squads, like the "Infil/LA disruption and flanking".

Let me throw out an Example:
Delta is our tactical squad, 9/12 of its members are in Armour response, 4/12 are dedicated AA, there is also one guy maintaining the router so there is some overlap in the roles.
We needed a Armour group to destroy Sundies around a specific defending base, base might be the same base the platoon is currently defending or different.
During the task they are being organized by Delta squad lead but he instead decides to let the armour responding group lead to take care of it while he takes the one guy on router duty and 2 dedicated AA member's to support the main platoon task.
3 min later The Router Guy places its router and joins the armour force once he is done, he reports this to the Armour group lead he lets him know to pull a sky guard or join a sundy with AA cause they got air problems.
3 min later the Armour task is done, they are reporting back to PL and resume normal platoon play.

What we need to start:

- Forum section for each response group. I will place the correct sections of the forum in place and help out with their structure
- An Leader for each group. I already have the 1st one - Shorty for the as of now unnamed Fast response armor group. that is not to say that he has to be the only lead if more want to step up.
- A list of at least a few response groups to start with. More can be voluntary created later.

Example response groups to start with

Tease are of course just suggestions but i would be really happy if we can find someone to take each of them as they represent what in my eyes the core play styles currently most useful in organized play.

General Infantry academy - Could be used as a general hub for the tactical squads and initiatives like RE4SPECT and Salvage ops. A place to dump all the general guides and discussion about Infantry that does not fit neatly into the other groups eg. recent LMG guide, coms discussion ETC.

Infil/LA disruption and flanking. I could see a use for dedicated players with this play style in every squad. Is not limited to a infil spamming recon. Some tactical examples from the top of my head:
- Minor cloak LA sitting on a rooftop or tower feeding info on how many enemies are approaching what door, rising intensity of enemy armour. Throwing a grenade or C4 at a group up near a suppressed door at the right time, placing a beacon at a crucial moment etc.
- Well positioned experienced sniper providing similar recon and sniping the vehicle terminal to prevent spawns
- During attacks it would be nice as a squad lead to know that there is someone always dedicated to attacking the buildings we are pushing at unexpected angles as a LA

*** Hosted By Shorty, name already subject to change ***
Quick responding armour - Mostly self explanatory. If i were to add something constructive from my side: Think we should utilize WAY more anty zerg measures and this is one of the tools that would allow us to not react to our enemies but dictate the strategy game flow ourselves. Way too often we take as a given factor that we have no impact on being double teamed and zerged down just because the other factions are assholes or we over extended. I dont believed that, i think that if we manage to improve in that regard we will become much stronger as a force. Some more example tactics and utilization would be:
-designating regular battle sunderer groups for base attacking and defending.
-attacking and defending spawn positions

"R4F - Re4pers Air Force" - Our flying angels of Air to air and Air to groud, same notes as above. But if i were to point out a big asset of this play style... BWAC galaxy drop shutdowns. Imagine if we put all the 2nd or 3rd platoon in the air in AA revers during the anniversary streamed alert, told them to fly at fly ceiling towards TR Warpgate during the last minutes and only shoot at incoming galaxies. If we managed to win Ceres that way during that time, think it would be sincerely my greatest Planetside 2 moment.

back caps and logistics - Again somewhat self explanatory, thing about this role it requires extensive base knowledge for sunderer deployment locations, so would benefit a lot from having their own dedicated forum place to share the knowledge. But also would also be good candidates for pulling battle sunderers and getting them into the bases we neeed to attack or defend. Could also focus on putting mines between us and expected incoming armour.

Base builders - router maintaining, Fortification blockades, Flail/orbital artillery.

Infantry AA and Anty armour - We get shut down by air and armour superiority way to often, designated AA warriors and AMS defenders would help us a lot. Also i dont see any better and cost efficient tactic of braking Armour zergs then Lock-on squads with sundy support, definitely could roll in this group Valk C4 Bombers.

A few last words

This was all a bit of hijacking of Wolkys Specialization idea and he still deserves a lot of credit. This is why it fits neatly to our current rank system in the 1st place. While his concept was more focused on specific loud-outs and ppl that can build guides perfecting them. Following Fallen's suggestion that it should be "based on the actual role the player likes to play" I wanted it to be more of a tool for leadership that has a big impact on our day to day play style. I also wanted to tie this to my leadership procedures refinement concept i first mentioned in the escalation thread here:
So, even though i am not much of a leader myself i really hope my efforts will have a positive effect on our over all organization and will be well received by the community (or teared down and rebuild to something else, even better then i imagined)

Fear the Re4pers!
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15/03/2020, 13:29


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  • and the dudes
A great start to a new chapter!
Let's start to fill it with live!

RE4PERS stand up and rise! We need ideas and officers!
I am here to pull Maxes and play tactical, and I am all out of Nanites.

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16/03/2020, 13:42


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I'm in for everything related to tactical infarntry stuff
silent Roadkiller

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16/03/2020, 14:31


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Sounds amazing !
Would you be up to organise Jaeger trainings? I probably won't be able to do them every Friday.
I am here to pull Maxes and play tactical, and I am all out of Nanites.

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16/03/2020, 14:41


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Organsie stuff will be hard because I'm in the next months only on Weekends and Friday evening at home. :-\
But I can help with knowlegde from all re4pers tactical squads since the first one.
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16/03/2020, 15:15


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In about an hour i will start setting up the rest of the forum sections for each proposed group. Even if no one but me and shorty declared the will to join/govern them, some designated place for discussion and tutorials would do us wonder when it comes to forum organization.
“Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.”
― Terry Pratchett

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16/03/2020, 21:16


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17/03/2020, 15:24


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Shorty, if you require a special Valkyrie regiment from Wagner himself, lemme know 8)
Don't worry I'm sure as a cow's manure!

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18/03/2020, 15:05


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If shorty needs help with the Tank specialist program. I would love to help him out in anyway I can possibly can.

Otherwise I will take my dedicating time on being a Specialist for Base building 8)
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18/03/2020, 16:23


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I want to get as many as possible into the vehicle thing so every help i get i will take ;)

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18/03/2020, 18:32


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General question: are the groups mutually exclusive or can you join multiple ones?
Kind of important for me, as i tend to be a jack of all trades...

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18/03/2020, 19:10


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No restrictions on how many you can join. Later on when we make Badges on TS we might do something like 2-3 badges max. And we might need You to pick a specific role for the nexus wars if ya gonna participate. But other then that You can join whatever.
“Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.”
― Terry Pratchett

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19/03/2020, 01:03


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in my experience it goes somewhat like this  :  theres a ON POINT infntry group, and then theres everything around it.
imo the point re4pers should be able to fully concentrate on their role. so everything else could be the job of the specialisation group.
there are some things threatening the point re4pers  :  deployed enemy sundies, enemy air, enemy anti air disturbing their drops, enemy armor,.... basicly anything that is trying to support the enemy point-infantry.
usualy, a platoon operates as one, moves as one. so if theres something disturbing the point work, platoon lead goes like "someone take care of that enemy sundy,.. that enemy air,.. that AA max,... that tanks,.."
so what usualy happens is that a part of the platoon starts to organize measures against that disturbing things.
this is not 100% effective
so heres the deal  :  specialisation groups are ON STANDBY on their redeploy screens. within seconds they can valk drop in small groups on the disturbances that threaten the point re4pers.
let it be a drop on a vehicle terminal in the back of the enemy, or a c4 drop, anything tactical the point re4pers need within seconds, outside of their point.
supporting point re4pers also includes:  clearing their way to the point. preparing a base theyll drop on. clearing the surroundings of a defence drop... aso.
Old but Gold  ;)

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19/03/2020, 01:12


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This guy gets it.
“Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.”
― Terry Pratchett

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19/03/2020, 07:02


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I think specialist groups shouldn't wait on their redeploy screen, but be the first react. So for example if the PL/SL says that, hey, bring a sundie to the next base with ground support, then the specialists for that are acting immediately, while the rest stays on their place


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