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Author Topic: Koltyr training  (Read 365 times)

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16/11/2019, 21:02


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Hey everyone!

We will have more and more training sessions on Koltyr. As a VR enviroment, you can simply try out all faction with full access to everything the game offers.

We are mostly playing NC vs TR, so having a TR character on Cobalt is recommended from now on.

Some training grounds we already tried:
Tripple Stack at the Tech Plant
C Point Yard of the Biolab Outpost
B Point Hall of the Biolab Outpost (my favorite so far)

Still to be tried:
Techplant balcony defense
Amp Station A Point

What would you like to train? Always looking for new stuff!

Most of the time we are doing "wipe scenarios" - one spawn, until one team is down.
So far everybody who joined enjoyed it a lot! So just give it a try.

Either group up and go directly for Koltyr or wait for a RE4SpecT. We are doing 30 mins of Koltyr fights before switching to live.

I am here to pull Maxes and play tactical, and I am all out of Nanites.


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