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Author Topic: What is the "Big Ass Combined Arms Project"?  (Read 319 times)

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05/08/2019, 19:49


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Hey ho!

As we have many new players in our rows, some of you may ask what this "Big Ass Combined Arms Project" could be?

It is a fucking big event!
We train about one month and more just for this very day!

This is our try to show Cobalt the best RE4PERS have to offer!

This time we will play with 4 TS only Squads, devided in two infantry squads, one ground/air vehicle and one mixed squad. With great communication in and inbetween the squads we try to have the maximum impact, not overpowering the enemy with pure force, but with tactics and amazing team play.

Let me introduce the squads:
Alpha: Big Ass RE4SpecT - also called "point huggers"
First to drop, setting position around the point and killing (or stalling) everything that comes close to it.
Fast reaction force, not bound to ground or force multipliers. Mostly dropping via Gal or Valk.

Bravo: Big Ass Support - without them Alpha would be dead, also called "Alphas Guardian Angel"
Mixed and adapting forces, moving with logistics, bringing in spawn points and much needed infantry when Alpha needs help.

Charlie: Big Ass Guns - the "Cavalary" has arrived
A mixed squad of ground vehicles and air vehicles support each other, engaging enemy positions together. Scouting and giving the punch in the perfect moment.

Delta: Big Ass Joker - the "Jack of all trades"
Adapting forces depending on situation - mostly in vehicles and air moving together with Charlie, but also able to join an infantry fight if necessary. Fast paced with alot of different gameplay styles.

To make things easier on the events night, we will need some preparation. You can already check out this very important google sheet (!) and think about a position you would like to take. It will be opened for enlistment in two weeks.

Let's teach Cobalt the true power of the RE4!

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I am here to pull Maxes and play tactical, and I am all out of Nanites.


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