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Author Topic: [02/02/2018,19:00 CET] RE4PERS 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY  (Read 4986 times)

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01/02/2018, 21:22


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I cannot attend to this party. I am away from home from Friday to Sunday. I'm sorry to let you down.

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02/02/2018, 09:28


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I will probably be there for atleast 1 hour deppends on how much fun im having.

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02/02/2018, 20:52


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Happy Anniversary folks  ;D
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02/02/2018, 23:15


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Wow, five years!

First off, I would like to thank all those that managed to make it. I understand there was quite an issue with logging on/sever lagging out for some people. Although we didn't beat our record (think we got to just under 60 members online at our highest point) it still is a significant amount of people for how old the game is! And we were still able to massively influence the map even if we were trolling for half the time! I hope the event was fun/enjoyable for everyone, thanks again for taking part/following orders.

I would also like to thank ducky, for assisting me in leading this outfit for the past 6 months and I wish you all the best for the future, hopefully I will see you ingame as well! Stummeursel is now officially a outfit leader replacing ducky, I look forward to working together with you during the next six months! You guys are also unluckily stuck with me for the next six months! Another big shout out to all our officers who continue to provide fun enjoyable squads/platoons for our members and who help keep the outfit running.

I think tonight showed the age of the game/outfit, but it also showed the strength of our community and how after all this time we still can hold our own/kick ass! Be proud of who you are apart of, we may be looked down apon by other outfits of the server but we still offer the best led platoons for the NC! Out of all the gaming communities I have been apart of, the Re4pers are by far the best and most enjoyable, thank you all for being apart of this awesome outfit!

I look forward to all the pictures/videos of tonight!

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03/02/2018, 13:19


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Thank you for the awesome event!!

I bet the TR loved our valk wrestling, and also screw them for setting us up.
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03/02/2018, 21:19


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Here are some of the group photos. Somehow i have problems to upload more.
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08/02/2018, 01:13


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