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Author Topic: [04/09/2016,19:00 CEST] Wolkenwands Sunday Platoon  (Read 9876 times)

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04/09/2016, 17:43


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04/09/2016, 22:18


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04/09/2016, 22:49


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It went well I think.
I had a lot of fun leading the air squad at least and we dominated the sky   8)
Always love when a scyte fallows you trough a friendly airshield

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04/09/2016, 23:33


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  • and the dudes
For me it was a great platoon which run extremly smooth. We had some really great moments in my opinion. Most of the problems were selfmade communication mistakes on my own. The fights on Esamir were pretty nice from pop balance, on Amerish we had so few territories we pretty much had to zerg everything... But anyways I hope you guys had fun.

From event point I felt abit underwhelmed. I hoped that more people would step up for a special position on their own. Thx to the guys who did step and thx for everybody who joined to night.
Biggest props to Shoarmabro: He splitted the Air squad out of the main platoon and did an amazing job a communicating their position and their oppertunity to help us out. Awesome man!

In the feedback round we suggested that we will set jobs before the platoon and fill it with willing people. With this it will be probably easier to set such things up.

How was it for the other leaders/soldiers?

Edit: some stats for the event alert --> http://www.ps2alerts.com/alert/26054
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I am here to pull Maxes and play tactical, and I am all out of Nanites.

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04/09/2016, 23:49


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Well i joined late but we great wolky  ;)

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05/09/2016, 00:46


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I really liked how the air squad worked with the platoon, think we should do that more often with our regular platoons as it's nice to have air support for a change. Also I probably shouldn't try and fly the gal like a reaver, think I was the main threat to our own reavers ;)
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05/09/2016, 08:08


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Was funn, we hade some tactiacl problems, like nobody pulled repaire sundies, or bad guns on sundys. These problems that SL should manage.

Skip the Renzor shit talk next time at the begining :)

Anyway was realy good play, lets do it again.

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05/09/2016, 09:24


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  • Kunnia kestävän palkka.
Synho, what do you mean bad guns? Basilisks OP!

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05/09/2016, 11:09


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Most had Fury, kinda shit when no reapair sundy but a dozen enemy lightning and sundy is infront of u...

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05/09/2016, 11:19


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Agree with synho, Its not only how good Platoon leader are, you msut have got good squad leaders. Besicly if squad dont counicate and only depend on what PL say its bad. Give some space for Squad leader and their idea to tactic and line setup.

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05/09/2016, 19:11


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I had a lot of fun! Unfortunately I had to go early, but I hope we can do something like this again.
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