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Author Topic: [11/05/2016,20:00 CET] Re4ver Ops Training  (Read 4965 times)

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05/05/2016, 16:05


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Dear Re4pers, lets fly.

I've been thinking on how to set up air squads for a while now and I think there's a lot of things we could really do in the air. Especially when we're going to be able to put a lot of us up there. The most difficult thing for every pilot is the first 250 kills, they are a pain, very frustrating and often you'll be flying with a kd of 0.1

So lets do it together. I'm going to try and do stuff that requires very little experience and that will still be fun for experienced pilots. Most of all, I'm going to try and keep it simple.

I want to start off with plans that require nothing but the standard uncerted reaver, so everyone thats interested can actually join. In future ops/trainings we'll probably want to do stuff with the rocket pods as well. We'll do the first half-to-full hour with reavers, just because thats what I have experience with. After there should be time to pull a lib, valk or gall in a more general air force.

I have only one rule and a general topic of logistics.

1. I will kick everyone thats not in the air or at the warpgate.
2. Please advertise in squads and platoons if you like. However, when we start we'll close entry to everyone that is asking for a spot on the outfit chat.

If you understand this then awesome, see you on wednesday, the rest of the post will be about these rules.

So the warpgate will be our base of operations, we're not going to group up on any other facility. The reason is that thats just the simplest way we can do this. Beeing succefull in the air is about keeping it as simple as possible. We'll do a couple of minutes of flying and when Re4pers start loosing planes we'll regroup, refuel, and make sure everyone has a reaver before we lift of again.

When you're at the warpgate other pilots can spawn vehicles for you. The pace in the air is just slow at times and then gets really intence for 15 seconds, thats just what flying is, but thats also what makes every kill so rewarding. flying the reaver is like being a predator, you're observing every variable around you and then when the time is right you go in for the kill. Waiting at the warpgate for nanites is often part of it and controlling your nanites, taking more risks the more nanites you have, is what makes pilots effective.

If people start to jump into infantry fights while waiting for nanites the group will lose its structure and within 30 minutes your fighting with a ground force with 2 or 3 reavers. When you drop in an infantry fight you're going to spend nanites. You just want that bastard dead so you throw a grenade. Before you know it you're using medkits and c4.

So please don't invite people that aren't specifically looking for a fight in the air for much of the same reasons, I'd rather fly with 3 focussed re4pers than with 4 focussed and a platoon on the ground.
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05/05/2016, 16:36


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06/05/2016, 14:33


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In! :) Btw, I'm an Air noob, so can you already give me any suggestions on Weapons/loadout etc. to already Cert for before the event?

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07/05/2016, 02:38


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Awesome, the more noobs the better :)

You don't nescesarilly need a certed reaver to join the event, but if you're looking to spend:

For loadouts check this: http://re4pers.com/index.php?topic=3100.0

I almost only fly with Firesupression, it gives you 25% extra health when fully certed, definitly worth it and very usefull, I'd cert this first.

Auto-repair is really nice. Stealth is a good choice too, but you can only fly it with an engineer.

I fly with Hover airframe, some of my best certs spend. I tryed them all, its my favorite. Some like High-Speed though and you can use Dogfighting if you want, try them out in VR.

If you can, spend some certs on the magazine size of the M20 Mustang. You won't really need a zoom or optic, but if you like to put something on, put a 1.5 zoom on it. If you're just starting out you don't need extra ammo, we'll be back at the warpgate often enough.

So basically just focus on making the standard reaver better.
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07/05/2016, 14:44


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Count me in !  :)
Heroes aren´t born, they die and respawn...and may respawn again...but they never ragequit  8)

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09/05/2016, 17:12


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I'm in

I'm mildly embarrassed to see a fellow TR complaining like this. Planetside isn't tennis, Planetside is WAR!

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09/05/2016, 18:19


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I might go too. I have little experience when flying and rage a loot because i cant kill anyone. :p

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09/05/2016, 19:56


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Nice, looks like we're getting a good group together

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09/05/2016, 22:20


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I hope that you already counted me in ;)!

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10/05/2016, 16:48


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Would love to join, but this week is like hell on earth in school :-\

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10/05/2016, 22:36


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Don't worry guys, This one will be the first, not the last Re4ver Ops

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11/05/2016, 19:43


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11/05/2016, 19:54


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im in!
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