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Author Topic: ghost here reporting for duty  (Read 1364 times)

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21/11/2014, 17:28


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hey guys im ghost, i came form the part of being an oufit lead for mb1
but now im with you guys and i hope wil have a great time here with you
im 19 years old , i live in wales,
im hoping to alot in re4pers i will get server smash places and i will lead ops public platoons, also training for any members who want it. i will hopfully orgnise some ops with other outfits from the ncca if anyone is interested

i dont tend to rage that much  as i tend to stay calm when leading and when normally playing games.

a habit i do have sometimes being annoying so plz be patient with me

ghost out cya on the battlefield RE4PERS

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21/11/2014, 17:34
Welcome to the RE4PERS Ghost! Always good to see some motivated people joining, I hope you'll have a great time with us!

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21/11/2014, 18:16


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Welcome mate  ;)

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22/11/2014, 09:13


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22/11/2014, 10:31


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Good to have you with us, ghost. Thats nice to hear.

Would you be so kind and add the link to your PS2 Char and you BR to your application? And please modify your forum name to your ingame name (you can leave the numbers at the end). Thank you!

And please read our guidlines here: http://re4pers.com/index.php?topic=1103

Have fun!
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22/11/2014, 10:38


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22/11/2014, 12:14


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22/11/2014, 13:50


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Hello Ghost,

as you already see your rank was set to Soldier instead of Recruit. (I think some Outfitleader does that)
But like everyone else you have to pass our 3 weeks trial to become an official member and become an Squadleader or Platoonleader.
This is necessary to keep our rules clear. I hope you understand that. :)

Have fun and it´s great to have you with us. But I already said that in TS as you joined us :P

Yes, girls also play Planetside 2!  ;D

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22/11/2014, 15:56


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Bienvenu! We are glad to have you as one of our brothers

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22/11/2014, 17:23


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Welcome ghost  :)

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22/11/2014, 18:54


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Welcome Ghost to the Re4pers. I believe you will like it with us.

Becoming annoyed sometimes is absolutely normal, no worry. Raging at members, however, is a no-go.

See you on the battlefield.


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