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Author Topic: fRSD Application  (Read 1000 times)

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17/10/2014, 22:08


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Ingame name: fRSD

Battlerank: 22

Age: Just turned 16.

Location: The Netherlands / Holland

Why you want to join the Re4pers: I've been playing with The Reapers for about 10 hours now, and I think it's one of the better organized platoons out there. There is always a Platoon/Squad leader which maked playing as a team much easier.

Link to player profile: http://www.planetside-universe.com/character-5428213558403266273.php

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17/10/2014, 23:41


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Welcome mate ;).
Please change your forum name to be the same as the in-game name.

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18/10/2014, 00:58


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Done, thanks. I asume i'll get my teamspeak rank tomorrow?

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18/10/2014, 07:32


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Now your 3 weeks trial starts. First please read the guidelines.

Your forumgroup will change so you can read everything. Youre also welcome to join our Teamspeak: ts.re4pers.com

Be active and polite.


Yes, girls also play Planetside 2!  ;D


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