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Training & Best Loadouts / Re: Performance set up?
« on: 06/04/2020, 20:20 »
You are right, FPS is a big deal in this game, and it directly affects your ability in winning engagements (assuming both contenders are at equal skill level). Unfortunately, the best thing you can do is to run it with low settings for two reasons: first, more FPS; second, better clarity both in terms of the player itself, and its separation with the surrounding environment. Memory leakage can also be a thing sometimes (I tend to restart my game from time to time after long sessions). Try to avoid alt-tapping a lot, as it seems to cause memory leak for some people.

I am not claiming I am an MLG player, but I recommend using my settings for 16:9 (attached below). If you play 3:4, I can get you a settings file from a friend of mine.

I play with textures on ultra, since it is less taxing on the CPU (but it requires more graphics memory). Apart from that, two settings I use that are outside the default range: FOV set to 90, and the render distance to 100. The render distance can really impact your FPS in big fights.

One last thing I recommend doing; make sure you adjust your brightness the entire time, depending on time of the day. Especially at night, make sure you boost it high enough, so you can better see the enemies.

LOL score reset. Poor T.

and makes MAX units free for the duration of the event

Recruitment Archive / Re: niciG
« on: 20/03/2018, 20:17 »
Welcome  :P

welcome to the outfit, can I ask what is your main char?

Planetside 2 News / Re: Do we have plans for this?
« on: 21/08/2017, 23:16 »
12pm UTC :D.
That is difficult for me.

Recruitment Archive / Re: CobaltPickups
« on: 25/07/2017, 23:08 »
Well, welcome  ;).

Recruitment Archive / Re: 1927
« on: 10/04/2017, 21:19 »
Welcome to the RE4pers!

Recruitment Archive / Re: p0xe
« on: 16/10/2016, 19:04 »
Welcome to The RE4PERS mate!

Recruitment Archive / Re: ShowtimeGirlNC
« on: 29/09/2016, 21:12 »
Welcome to the RE4pers!

Recruitment Archive / Re: Tempestus
« on: 29/09/2016, 21:11 »
Welcome to the RE4pers!

Recruitment Archive / Re: wopakmoob
« on: 29/09/2016, 21:11 »
Welcome to the RE4pers!

Recruitment Archive / Re: KrillinDiesAgen
« on: 12/09/2016, 12:23 »
You already have an account http://re4pers.com/index.php?action=profile;u=1236

I was confused when I saw this post, because there is no way you got accepted ingame if you didn't register here in the first place.
So please use your old account.

EDIT: I will wait till you read this, and then the new application will be removed.

Recruitment Archive / Re: DerWishmaster
« on: 09/09/2016, 23:22 »

Recruitment Archive / Re: xRomeox
« on: 09/09/2016, 23:21 »

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