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PTS public test server

But i can say as i didi it with Synho already: You can set this strike with fly by from a Valkery or just with a cloaked flash....and nothing is more bad ass as ruining the day of a huge group with one little glowing bullet from the seat of a Valk.

Man that was so much funn :D

Hard to imagine that there might be guys in this outfit who were only 11 years old when Re4pers was founded!

And Nixon was a young man back then. :D

Prepare your pink camo (if you got it)

OMG suddenly i feal very old. :D Not as old as Nixxon but still.

iso-4 YAY

Just need TR/VS to play ball and attack us down that lane with tanks, otherwise they'll just fly over laughing at us.

I'm always up for something different though.

Happened before that we talked with TRID and fought on the same line all night. Was funn. So just wanna say u can always talk with TRID.

From reddit:

Doing some really quick math:
Target 5000 HP (Prowler/Magrider):
AP Vanguard TTK - 7 hits (5600dmg); 28 seconds
AP Magrider TTK - 8 hits (5600dmg); 26 seconds
AP Prowler TTK - 9 hits (5400dmg); 17.5 seconds
HEAT Magrider TTK - 8 hits (5200dmg); 26 seconds
HEAT Vanguard TTK - 9 hits (5400dmg); 24.75 seconds
HEAT Prowler TTK - 11 hits (5225dmg); 15 seconds
Target 6000 HP (Vanguard):
AP Vanguard TTK - 8 hits (6400dmg); 32 seconds
AP Magrider TTK - 9 hits (6300dmg); 29.25 seconds
AP Prowler TTK - 10 hits (6000dmg); 17.5 seconds
HEAT Magrider TTK - 12 hits (6000dmg); 30 seconds
HEAT Vanguard TTK - 10 hits (6000dmg); 27.5 seconds
HEAT Prowler TTK - 13 hits (6175dmg); 17.5 seconds

Reading through them again. Catlike, Assimilate seem broken as hell too...

Assimilate gona make good players godlike

There is no clear vision in new system. Old implants wont work. But u can have 2


INvisible heavy gona rocket your ass

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: PC Hotfix - 12/22
« on: 22/12/2016, 10:50 »
Fujin buffs i love it  8)

Like u have it :D

Btw it will be OHK now on headshoot

Come on DBG release the next NSX weapon.  :-\

U dont want it...

NSX Tomoe

Magazine size from 16 to 22

Gona be a beast. its it a beast now but with this. Too bad i auraxiumed it yesterday

ranged kinfe  8)

nsx Tomoe

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