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RE4 Operations / Re: TRID Birthday Party
« on: 13/12/2019, 11:37 »
It would be very nice. Will join

In. For logistics and defending

Defenetly in

There is a AV knife?

There will be a lot
fun. Dont need alcohol to have fun  ;) this days are gone...life happend

Will join. But sober  :-X  :P

I liked the different jobs of each squad. Have only one thing. I enjoy Gameplay more if the ingame chat is used. That each squad sits together in TS and the orders between squads and pl comes ingame. So i have an idea whats happening. I felt a bit isolated. But its maybe just me. The overall gameplay was great.

It was great to be back and be part of it again

So whats the look of the helmet?

Haha I just came to side and got the alert...I thought whaaaaaaaaaattttt I go into the bunker...and then oh yeah Bunkster alert :D Love you Bunki!!!

Recruitment Archive / Re: Xne0n
« on: 21/02/2017, 19:05 »
Yeah. Mate your not 16. Our requirement is to be at least 16. So we cant accept you.

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