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So whats the look of the helmet?

Haha I just came to side and got the alert...I thought whaaaaaaaaaattttt I go into the bunker...and then oh yeah Bunkster alert :D Love you Bunki!!!

Recruitment Archive / Re: Xne0n
« on: 21/02/2017, 19:05 »
Yeah. Mate your not 16. Our requirement is to be at least 16. So we cant accept you.

Recruitment Archive / Re: HarciBozsi
« on: 13/02/2017, 01:48 »
Uh a guy from the Land of Dracula. Nice. Welcome.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Coolmoritzia
« on: 05/02/2017, 02:04 »
finally welcome mate :)

Recruitment Archive / Re: Coolmoritzia
« on: 04/02/2017, 14:47 »
So I think it´s time to join us now? You can send an application ingame now

Recruitment Archive / Re: Coolmoritzia
« on: 03/02/2017, 15:36 »
now i´m confused- Check his forum profile: his birthday is on 04.02.2000...so its tomorrow. but it seems that he made a mistake by writing. otherwise he will get 17 :D I´m confused. Pls Cool enlight me :D

Recruitment Archive / Re: Coolmoritzia
« on: 31/01/2017, 15:40 »
True true

Recruitment Archive / Re: Coolmoritzia
« on: 31/01/2017, 12:26 »
Karboo cause we have this rule. If we would start with such stuff there will be a case where one month is left and so on. Pls don't start a discussion about. This was set years ago. And I think the catcher are you. ::)  Nvm. Now we just wait this days and make it then official. End of topic.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Coolmoritzia
« on: 31/01/2017, 00:32 »
And thats ok...I talked to him and were fine now. No worries my flying dutchman!  :-*

Recruitment Archive / Re: Coolmoritzia
« on: 30/01/2017, 21:44 »
and I kicked him, to keep the rules up . told him why and thats it ;) just wait then till your birthday

Edit: Acc in the forum will stay active in this special case. Trial will start with the invite to the outfit.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Coolmoritzia
« on: 29/01/2017, 21:52 »
Then you have to wait for an other 5 days. Then we will accept you. Just drop an new application then. The forum acc will stay till then. Welcome anyways!

Recruitment Archive / Re: ElDespic23
« on: 29/01/2017, 21:37 »
I promoted you directly. This recruit is Collerdiggar. Maybe some of you remember him. A trusty RE4per. He was not able to play cause his acc was deleted. Welcome back mate!

First of all sry that there wasn´t a event planned for tonight. Next sunday we have our anniversary. The sunday in two weeks will be a new date for a operation. So two question:

1 What you guys wanna do?
2 Who want´s to lead the operation?

Recruitment Archive / Re: Eagle2045
« on: 24/01/2017, 19:16 »
Yeah this girl was me :D One of the outfit leaders :) Nice that you don´t thought I´m a little boy.

Welcome mate!

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