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thanks to all the reapers that are offering leading training !

but now that i think about it... i think i cant join, because fridays i drink only warm milk after 10pm ...

Recruitment Archive / Re: roger1o1
« on: 27/02/2019, 01:52 »
benvenudo italia !

Recruitment Archive / Re: daddy1986
« on: 25/02/2019, 12:39 »

id like to b black !

i am interested

i will participate once i have the hardware to do so

currently i am looking into changing some rooms in my house and getting a pc with monthly rates...

im in !!!!   

yes it felt really good to b part of this

thanks to everyone

Recruitment Archive / Re: LeadedKarma
« on: 14/01/2019, 12:15 »
thank you very much  :)

unfortunately i can not do voice comms. at all. because i am not allone in the room i play in. that is also the reason why no outfit took me.

watching wolke on twitch he told me that the reapers do. so here i am  :)

i am really sorry for that. maybe some day i will be able to voice comm. i understand the neceserity..

i really would like to support the reapers. so i will do my best  :)

Recruitment Archive / Re: LeadedKarma
« on: 13/01/2019, 23:05 »
thank you   :)

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