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I bet Znipsel is fuming :D

Recruitment Archive / Re: niciG
« on: 23/03/2018, 18:01 »
Scrub :D

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: PC Game Update - 6/8
« on: 08/06/2017, 13:54 »
We all know DEVS hate infils and think they are OP :( but i have to say that a good infil rellies on movement, surprise and good aim more than emp granedes... that said it does feel like infiltrator class abilities and perks are getting trimmed all the time. They go from one end of the scale to another with each update and middle ground would probbably be the best answer like instead of dissabling ability drain it could susspend it for few seconds giving infil the time to escape.
RIP Subterranean Nanite Analysis farm :( i understand why they have removed it, but it was fun base if you don't suffer from tunnel vision like nearly everybody :D so they should just revamped the base adding more ways of getting in that are not choke points like a cave system on east part of the base. Now DEVS have opted for just easy way of creating more empty map space really.

And worse thing about this update is Iknam Biolab changes. Why on earth they placed 2 capture points outside and only 1 inside? What's the incentive for infantry players to go inside if all players have to do is create veichle zerg and sit on 2 outside points with their tanks. Building a player base on top will also be usseless as it will get wiped by zerg in minutes and then only idiots are gonna use lifts down, coz as soon u drop down there will be 20 guns pointing at you (DEVS love to create chokepoints). IT will be such mood killer fight for so many and same old boring farm for others.
On a possitive note some of the new implants look intresting :D


Signed Sealed Delivered

Recruitment Archive / Re: charlie11575nc
« on: 04/11/2016, 10:58 »
Yee thats what Scottish is lol

Recruitment Archive / Re: charlie11575nc
« on: 03/11/2016, 20:22 »
Yee lol, i bet you were sick of me already :DD

Recruitment Archive / Re: charlie11575nc
« on: 03/11/2016, 16:37 »
Thanks m8 ;)

Recruitment Archive / Re: charlie11575nc
« on: 03/11/2016, 16:35 »
Thanks :) I'm Latvian, but live in UK for 12 years now, first 3 of them were in Scotland so some say i sound bit like them lol

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