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Come celebrate the retirement of our Outfit leaders Stummeursel & PlantPotSoldier as their positions make way for the new council leadership system we implemented a few months ago. We can also take the opportunity to celebrate all of the other outfit leaders we have had in the past 6 years who helped make The Re4pers what it is today.

The general plan is to have a platoon and mix some normal gameplay with a few fun events. Bring beer.

I'll let NCCA know we're running a platoon on Sunday and to keep an eye on leader channel

I can take the air, 6 in the air should do. Maybe I'll put the extra couple of infantry in a cas valk and they can move about that way.

Failsafe & Assimilate for heavy assault will be really strong if they work properly together.

2nd post of patch notes:

Vehicle Changes

LA7 Buzzard (New Conglomerate)
Camera pitch up angle from 18 to 30
Camera pitch down angle from 11 to 15
Camera yaw limit from 25 to 30
Projectile velocity from 60 to 120
Dev Note: This weapon had some major usability issues in terms of tracking targets and estimating drop distance. The changes above should make this weapon much easier to use.

HMG resistance from 67% to 75%
Chaingun resistance from 67% to 75%
Dev Note: These changes reduce how quickly a Galaxy can be destroyed by weapons like the Liberator's Vektor and Valkyrie's Wyvern.

Wyvern minimum damage from 200 to 143
Resistance to small arms (type 2) from 96 to 75.
Dev Note: The resistance change puts damage from small arms in line with that of Empire Specific Fighters, noting that they still retain their 50% belly armor and the capacity to repair from the rumble seat. The Wyvern's minimum damage reduction helps shorten the range at which a Valkyrie can harass larger targets.

Lightning and Main Battle Tank main cannons
We've moved away from HESH allowing for one-shot kills indirectly, and instead have increased the consistency of its blast damage in an area. At the same time we've rebalanced the direct damage output and reloads of certain weapons to bring their damage output to a level where they’ll feel like more viable options.

L100 Python HEAT
Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

L100 Python AP
Direct damage from 650 to 700

L100 Python HESH
Direct damage from 575 to 600
Indirect damage from 1050 to 800
Reload speed from 3sec. to 3.25sec.
Inner blast radius from 1m to 2m

Titan-150 HEAT
Reload speed from 3sec. to 2.5sec.
Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

Titan-150 AP
Reload speed from 4sec. to 3.75sec.

Titan-150 HESH
Indirect damage from 1050 to 850
Inner blast radius from 1m to 2m

Supernova PC
Reload speed from 2.75sec. to 2.25sec.
Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

Supernova VPC
Inner blast radius from 1m to 2m

P2-120 HEAT
Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

Misc. Vehicle Changes and Fixes
IR Smoke should no longer blind like the sun during certain times of day.
Sunderer should now be able to undeploy while under fire and being repaired.
Fixed and updated Sunderer Deploy Shield particle effects.
Updated Sunderer Blockade Armor’s description to be accurate with its benefits.
Vehicle in-cockpit displays should no longer be blank.

Infantry Changes

Flak Armor
Removed the Tank Shell resistance given at rank 3 and above.
Removed description’s mention of C4 and Tank Mine resistance prior to rank 5, as these resistances were never actually given at earlier ranks.
Dev Note: In conjunction with the tank cannon changes mentioned earlier, this means that Lightning, Magrider, and Vanguard HESH, as well as Magrider and Vanguard AP can now one-shot Flak Armor infantry on a direct hit.

1x IRNV optics
Sway removed from all 1x IRNV optics.

Spitfire Turret (Engineer Ability)
No longer has limited usage, and instead is cooldown based.
Upgrading this turret now reduces its cooldown (from a base of 35) by 5/10/15 seconds.

Updated suppressor descriptions to have detailed information.
The suppressor attachment no longer reduces maximum damage range.
Velocity standardized to 15% for all weapons (previously, velocity penalties ranged anywhere from 20% to 50% based on the weapon.)
Dev Note: Suppressor penalties varied wildly from weapon to weapon, and in most cases remained one of the least desirable attachments to equip. We've streamlined the stat changes to make suppressors easier to understand and more worthwhile to use.

Hybrid Suppressors and Emission Condenser
Velocity penalty from 50% to 20%

High Velocity Ammo
Velocity increase from 5% to 10%

Soft Point Ammo
Velocity debuff from 5% to 10%

MKV Suppressed (Common Pool SMG)
Velocity from 330 to 360
Max damage range from 10m to 15m

Skorpios (VS Directive SMG)
Velocity from 378 to 396

Tempest (NC Directive SMG)
Velocity from 378 to 396

Shuriken (TR Directive SMG)
Velocity from 370 to 407

Gauss Prime (NC Directive Assault Rifle)
Velocity from 651 to 682

DMR-99 (TR Directive Battle Rifle)
Velocity from 650 to 660

MGR-S1 Gladius (NC SMG)
SPRW ammo velocity increase from 50% to 25%

T2 Striker (TR Rocket Launcher)
Projectile lifespan from 5 to 2
Dev Note: This brings the Striker's range to roughly 445 meters. Previously, the projectile would be able to reach well beyond the range vehicles would actually render.

R3 Swarm (Common Pool Rocket Launcher)
Lockon Distance from 400 to 800.
Lockon Lifespan from 5 to 12.
Dev Note: This adjustment does not change the Swarm’s initial lockon distance, but only the distance (and duration) at which launched rockets will follow their target.

NSX Masamune (Common Pool Rocket Launcher)
Gravity from 2 to 1.5

NSX Fujin (Common Pool Grenade)
Default amount from 1 to 2
Grenade Bandolier increases amount equipped by 2 per rank
Projectile model updated

Misc. Infantry Changes and Fixes
Wielding knives and medical kits should no longer make you run silly.
MG-HBR1 Dragoon’s reload animation should now work correctly.
EMP Grenades once again cause an overheat on MANA Turrets.
Fixed an issue with VE-LR Obelisk's Manual Calibration attachment where the heat bleedoff rate was more severe than intended, and was giving 5 additional shots, instead of 4.

Player Studio

Steve0's Bastion Armor (Terran Republic Heavy Assault) has been released.

Binarycoder's Dredge Helmet set (New Conglomerate) has been released.

Reaperop117's Mantid Helmet (Vanu Sovereignty) has been released.

NS6's Visage MAX and Infantry Helmets (Vanu Sovereignty) have been released.


LorrMaster's Argos, Tharsis, and Trilobite ANT window and cabin cosmetics (NC, TR, VS respectively,) have been released.

EbonNebula's Sub-Orbital Galaxy cockpit (Common Pool) has been released.

Another round of Decals has been processed.
Spartan Aspis for VS and TR
HVAG outfit decal
TBAD outfit decal
Fury Squadron outfit decal
UED outfit decal
TATF outfit decal
Zeta Unit outfit decal
Phoenix Group outfit decal
New Model Army outfit decal
BTYR outfit decal
KAIN outfit decal
HAKA outfit decal
ELYX outfit decal
Duces Benevolens outfit decal
Misc. Fixes, Additions, and Improvements

Vehicle Gate Shields now block projectiles from all weapon types. This creates more consistency with other gate shields in the game.
Your first person arms should no longer fall off during death animations.
Toned down Esamir brightness for infrared optics at certain hours of the day.
Defense experience pulses should now be awarded the first time a base is being captured after a continent unlocks.
Fixed issues where modifications to maximum health and shield wouldn't show properly on the HUD.
Character feet should no longer sway back and forth along the ground during their idle animations.
We've made a round of changes to the default settings for new installs to be more acceptable by modern standards.
Players can now set faction map territory colors independently from facility object colors in the Interface Settings.
Continent faction balance requirement from 6% to 10%.
Various geometry exploit fixes and bugs across multiple continents.
The "shadow" from the My Character screen profile banner has been removed.
Fixed an issue where clients could crash during an Anomaly alert when spawning vehicles at the warp gate.
VE Hourglass (6x) optic now unlocks account wide when bought with Station Cash.
Azure Inferno Skull cosmetic's glowing eyes should no longer appear floating ominously in first person.
Shield shaders should no longer create a tearing reflection near the edges of the screen. This was most commonly seen while placing or viewing construction objects.
Fixed various MAX Ammunition Container bugs.
Facility alerts should now always provide some reward, even in the case of a draw.
EMP grenades should once again fry Anti-Infantry MANA Turrets, and AV MANA Turrets will now also be penalized.
Known Issues
Welding tool is not currently functional.
Missing 2D Icon for Solid Wall Construction Item
Minor Cloak: Still a bug where you could turn your class ability on by attempting to fire your weapon while cloaked.

The mini alerts I've heard mentioned so far are temporary air capture points and facility alerts.

From how it sounds, map play for a platoon lead will be dead until 5 hours in. Facility alerts aren't map play, it's zerg the lane until you're deep in enemy territory with their amp station on a map/lattice system that doesn't really support doing this most of the time.

7 hours of Indar is already too much, why is this becoming the minimum. Imagine Bunkster coming online to lead a platoon and somebody has to tell him he has to wait 4 hours to even start the alert. What do we do then? As far as I see it the objective of the game has been neutralised, mini alerts won't fill this.

5 hours to charge?! 7 hours for the continent lock?!

Facility mini-alerts won't fill this 5 hour void.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Surehope
« on: 16/03/2018, 18:56 »
Welcome, keep an eye out for our events on this website.

Recruitment Archive / Re: AlucardZotero
« on: 16/03/2018, 18:55 »
Welcome mate

We can certainly help you with flying and vehicles, with a bonus of some kickass squads/platoons.

Recruitment Archive / Re: LaecX
« on: 09/03/2018, 23:48 »
Welcome! Keep an eye on the website for upcoming events, plenty to get involved in.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Zaajn
« on: 09/03/2018, 23:48 »
Welcome! Keep an eye on the website for upcoming events and join our teamspeak.

Unfortunately I can't make it anymore, sorry all.

Sounds good, we'll aim for air supremacy and calling out of targets to start. Air will sort out loadouts on the day depending on who's here.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Ik33per13013
« on: 03/03/2018, 01:04 »
Welcome! Saw you in Felix/Hyperion's open platoon this evening.

You're pretty handy with cqc bolter, good to see. Hopefully we can help you kick ass with other play styles too.

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