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Do the same thing on weekend to get weekend leaders as well ;)

Thank you for organizing everything! :)
It was cool!

Thank you for leading Bunkster! The part in which I participated was nice ;)

It was nice event! Thank you Wolken!

Sounds cool!
Will try to join and lead if you need me!!!

Planetside 2 News / Re: Thoughts on the new continent?
« on: 11/09/2018, 21:48 »
Multithreading is what I need :D

Can be CoLead of Division Pointhold OR Division Flanking and Logistics
If no leaders I can lead.
A little bit rusty, but ready for fight ;)

Why not air support?:)
Two R. can stay near Tanks, do tactical scouting, get repaired by Sunderers, get support from antair guns of Sunderers and also be equipped with anti-air guns ;)

Ready to do PL tasks (not really in SL at the moment), still will confirm my precipitation day before.

and/or insufficient squadleaders (availablity or lack of experience)

Oh come on, after 5 trainings any Regular SL can be more or less Tactical SL.

More interesting part was then we change SL during evening a few times this leads to progress of whole squad.

I stoped joining these, since I'm at US now + work. This means 9 hours difference.

So, for me - only weekends can work - for now; and not all of them.

Recruitment Archive / Re: PugLifeGaming
« on: 11/07/2017, 16:51 »
However, your age is different in introduction and in here :)
Just confirm your real age please!

I have very bad news:
The internet cafe has a big event on this day, so I won`t be able to host this one... anybody else want to take over?
You ruined my day!

Recruitment Archive / Re: ShowtimeGirlNC
« on: 17/10/2016, 16:46 »
LoL, Ok minus Sithis   :D
Of course you Gwyn can't miss a girl! This is even not questionable ;)

Recruitment Archive / Re: ShowtimeGirlNC
« on: 17/10/2016, 07:23 »
I checked recruitment thread and like what the hell? Who beat my number of responds in recruitment topic...and of course a girl!

Guys act as always :)

Welcome to Re4 I'm currently live in US so the play time is should be the same. See you on battlefield.

Guys can we do some additional TSL trainings?
Those  trainings are extremely useful and interesting!

P.S. I'm feeling not satisfied from 1 time a week ;)

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