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Character Name BR
Schretter 100
StrikingSpliff 100
Con7roL 100
lololfirefis12 89
Fearectious 108
Speedcollector 63
Niliat 79
HubertGivesHeadshots 85
7iga 62
Brassi 80
xXPhOoNXx 62
CemTu 100
AngaraBebesii 76
ErikXx 45
AlexGamer974001 100
guilherme53 82
MorneNC 66
FriedMilkz 108
Cheeeta 82
MeisterYoga 78
Most Re4pers ever online: 120 (15 Mar 2020)

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Xerx, that's great and all but there's still a long way ahead of us in terms of polishing your amazing feature. please develop a smartphone app with push notifications. preferably with three alerts. one day before he goes online, an hour before and finally when he's there already. also, we all love pie charts, don't we? so on top of all that a pinch of some data informing us about an average time spent in game or number of bases captured by Reapers would really shine on it. :)

edit: damn, i fell for it. thought it's real.

Recruitment Archive / Re: RailtracerV2
« on: 05/01/2017, 14:46 »
child catcher general :d you noticed that too? good one :D

Recruitment Archive / Re: RailtracerV2
« on: 03/01/2017, 15:46 »
Welcome, it's a pleasure to see an experienced leader joining our forces. I hope it's fine with Rammy that you want to join us though?

Recruitment Archive / Re: olledolle1337
« on: 19/11/2016, 11:21 »
olledolle, you're not 16 yet so you can't wear our outfit tag in game. you can still hand out with us on ts and join our public platoons and events as a guest though. cheers

Recruitment Archive / Re: Ernoul
« on: 14/11/2016, 10:59 »
gameofdeath, we already received your application in another thread. no need to post it again in another's applicant topic. you can just delete it.

I really can't wait to use the engie's shield

Recruitment Archive / Re: ShowtimeGirlNC
« on: 29/09/2016, 22:29 »
What is your BR on NC char atm?

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: Game Update - 9/7
« on: 07/09/2016, 10:10 »
i don't think you can pass scu shield with gsd, but pushing for amp station with squad of cloaked gsd flashes and hacking terminals inside to get sundies sounds interesting.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Tucker9
« on: 03/09/2016, 10:59 »
Cool, we need active leaders. Welcome.

Ok thx. I thought they put some timer on custom bases and that got me interested because i suggested that solution on reddit

What 5 minute takeover ure talking about? Where can i read about it?

We are waiting since march. Cant wait for a gal drop of 4 gals with that decal. Everybody will be like - ruuuun the white scythes are coming! ;)

Guys make sure to sign petition if u like the idea. +1 wont help meikel at all ;)

Recruitment Archive / Re: ZumexNC
« on: 15/06/2016, 17:27 »
We knew from the beginning that u're 12 Karboo, no worries.

Recruitment Archive / Re: Scurpin
« on: 12/05/2016, 16:20 »
We are always lacking engies. Feel free to stick to it. :)

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