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RE4 Operations / [13/08/2019,20:15 CET] Public Platoon
« on: 13/08/2019, 17:56 »
As the title says, we are going to have a public platoon!

What are we going to do? Kick Vanu (and TR) ass!
What do we need? Beer and bullets!
What do I need? 4 squad leaders!

TS is NOT mandatory for tonight.


Hey ho!

As we have many new players in our rows, some of you may ask what this "Big Ass Combined Arms Project" could be?

It is a fucking big event!
We train about one month and more just for this very day!

This is our try to show Cobalt the best RE4PERS have to offer!

This time we will play with 4 TS only Squads, devided in two infantry squads, one ground/air vehicle and one mixed squad. With great communication in and inbetween the squads we try to have the maximum impact, not overpowering the enemy with pure force, but with tactics and amazing team play.

Let me introduce the squads:
Alpha: Big Ass RE4SpecT - also called "point huggers"
First to drop, setting position around the point and killing (or stalling) everything that comes close to it.
Fast reaction force, not bound to ground or force multipliers. Mostly dropping via Gal or Valk.

Bravo: Big Ass Support - without them Alpha would be dead, also called "Alphas Guardian Angel"
Mixed and adapting forces, moving with logistics, bringing in spawn points and much needed infantry when Alpha needs help.

Charlie: Big Ass Guns - the "Cavalary" has arrived
A mixed squad of ground vehicles and air vehicles support each other, engaging enemy positions together. Scouting and giving the punch in the perfect moment.

Delta: Big Ass Joker - the "Jack of all trades"
Adapting forces depending on situation - mostly in vehicles and air moving together with Charlie, but also able to join an infantry fight if necessary. Fast paced with alot of different gameplay styles.

To make things easier on the events night, we will need some preparation. You can already check out this very important google sheet (!) and think about a position you would like to take. It will be opened for enlistment in two weeks.

Let's teach Cobalt the true power of the RE4!


Hey ho !

After Fallengods nice vehicle event we will go on with our preparation for the Big Ass Combined Arms Project on the 1.9.2019.

This time we will have at least one RE4SpecT squad, focussing on good communications and infantry fights. The spotlights will be on the fireteam leaders and their buddies. So it would be very nice to set the leaders already up and maybe forge the first fireteams prior to the ops.

To make this easier to organise, please register or post in here.

Having another Bravo RE4SpecT would be amazing and I am always happy about vehicle support. Leaders are always more than welcome - so even if you dont have that much experience you can learn alot from your squad/fireteam mates!

Coms will be mostly TS, depending on the numbers we will be using whisper lists (will be explained on the ops night)
Very important: Please set up your fire team voice channel ingame! This is essential for good cohesion.


Squad Lead Alpha:Wolkenwand
(A)Diamonds: Wolkenwand (L), Flatsemmel, Charge Maximus
(A)Spades: Jettesnell (SONS)
Sqaud Lead Bravo:
Squad Lead Vehicles:

Hey everyone!

As you may have seen in the last OPs, we started to use fireteams far more often. Now we want to improve the usuage of these powerfull subunits even more.

So far, fireteam leaders were not used at all in our general squad gameplay. In the last weeks I tried to install them as a "check up", to make sure that the fireteam is in the right position.

This will change in the future. Fireteam leaders now have to lead their fireteam! This includes position in the base, decision to back cap, change of function (class/vehicle) and loadout prior to the ops.

Most important is to set up the fireteam channel(this includes everyone, not only the Firteam leader). Getting this close coms is an amazing help for closing down crosstalk, as you can communicate threats only to your firteam. We will need time to get used to it (multiple channels are ofter difficult to handle).

Sounds like a lot, but as it will be units of 3, it should help the organisation and the squad leader in multiple ways.

Example for communication:
Squad leader: Dropping on Indar Com.
I   Diamonds leader: Taking balkony
II  Spades Leader: Drop us over the vehicle bay.
III Hearts Leader: Taking ground floor
IV  Clubs Leader: Taking top floor.

Former to this, squad leaders had to tell everything - and yes, sometimes this will be faster. But now, we focuss on forging the fireteams close together. When the FL (fireteam leader) decides on his own, he will be more eager to keep his fireteam mates in check. In addition to this, I would like to build "advanced" fireteams on the long run - brothers in arms - people you know so good, that you only need to say the bacics, the rest is already in the blood.

Feedback is more than welcome!



Hey ho !

This sunday we are going to have a joint ops with the Super Optimistic Noodle Squad - our battle brothers for the community smash. Overall they seem to be a decent bunch. Here we get another chance to fight side by side with them and get to know to one of the newer hopes of NC.

The event will be a pretty loose one, we are going to platoon up and try to help each other out via platoon chat, maybe they come around ts.

We are going to participate with a TS only RE4SpecT, maybe adding up some vehicle gameplay if we find a leader for it.


Wolken out!

Hey ho everyone!

As already stated in the other topic, we are going to host a Planetside Drinking night!

Rules are the following (and may still be changed/added until Saturday):

Win related:
- Base defended = Big Sip
- Small Base Cap = Medium Sip
- Big Base capped = Finish your drink
- Continent Lock after a good fought alert = Big Sip / Shot / Something to celebrate!

Kill related:
- 5 kill streak = Big sip (Where is my handicap, when I need one)
- Killing a BR below 10 = Finish your drink (what have I done!?!?)
- Killing a BR 120/100ASP = Small Sip (Cheers to you, good Sir)
- committing suicide in-game =(1 shot)
- Teamkilling a random NC - Sip.
- Teamkilling a Re4pers - Both have to finish their drinks. (no intentional teamkilling)
- Kill a MAX - sip

Gameplay related:
- Redeploying into a galaxy - take a small/big sip. Cheers everyone !

Of course no one has to drink, this will be done for a good fun. The amount you drink and what you chose is up to you, and as a medical student I have to warn you about the influence of Ethanol on your body/mind. So please post pictures of your drinks in here so I can determine the threat level.

All the best and fear the tipsy RE4PERS!

RE4 Operations / [13/07/2019,20:00 CET] Smash Prep
« on: 13/07/2019, 17:12 »
Gathering the forces,
Hyping the squad, preparing mind and body.

Mainly group up and discussing / playing the stuff for tonight.

See ya later!

Hey people!

I will have some time this wednesday and would love to have a nice RE4SpecT (RE4PERS Special Operations team) session with you guys!

If you dont know what this is, no worries, just be on TS.

This time we will have around a 30 mins briefing and depending on numbers I would like to try some stuff out

Wolkens gonna do stuff, does  a rising star wants to lead?

Hey everyone!

There will be some yam yam going on this friday - get your beers ready, order your pizza and play your favorite game together!

Social gathering, playing and drinking will be the hook for this event. I will lead some squad/platoon stuff, but don't expect it to be to serious.

See ya around !

P.S.: What's you favorite beer?
For me it is currently "Potsdamer Stange"

Hey ho everyone!

Let's give our new and willing leaders a place to shine! I will host a platoon tomorrow for everyone who wants to try out leading in a safe space. Most of the things will be explained, direct feedback will be provided and ( I hope) clear and slow orders will be given.

So for everyone who wants to get started leading planetmen/women into victory, this is your chance to start this rather easy.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

RE4 Operations / New Event type: new leaders play time
« on: 07/02/2019, 14:53 »
Hey ho!

This is just a basic idea for a new event type.

As we got many new and very active members in the past few months, it would be great if they could try themselfs as fresh new leaders in our forces.
I already heard some concerns, that they are afraid of telling BR100 A.S.P. vets what they have to do - but no worries:
These events are exactly meant to do so.

If you ever thought about giving leading a try - this would be the moment. Depending on the demand, we will either have a small platoon going or a single squad. Vets will try to help out where they can and show our new gen of leaders the ropes of the Auraxian command.

Would there be interest in something like this? My idea would be every Monday from 19.00-22.00 CET (weekday up for discussion)


Hey guys!

It is time for a good old platoon night. Nice and easy - just hop on Auraxis, commands will be via ingame voice, no special orders.
Back to the roots it is.

4 squad leaders would be great and tons on re4pers! Platoon will be open, but having 48-RE4 soldiers fighting side by side would be a dream.

Cheers everyone! See ya on sunday!

Hey guys!

Wanted to already inform you that I would like to host another Big Ass Combined Arms platoon.

More informations will follow shortly - but it would be great to know who would be up for it and who could lead the 2nd infantry squad, the air and ground division.

After our experience in the last ones I think we should cut down the vehicle squads to max of 6 per division and use the rest as infantry (which would need also leaders) but this is up for discussion.

Cheers and happy holidays !

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