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Not a placeholder anymore!

Here we go guys! The final event is coming closer!

Some of you have already been part of it, some may have heard stories about.
The idea is easy: We are bringing up 4 squads with best communication and dedicated goals to Auraxis to bring fear to our enemies!

The four divisions divide up into “Point Hold”, “Flanking/Logistics”, “Armoured Warfare” and “Air Superiority” – each of them lead by two officers for maximum impact.

Division “Point Hold” will be the fast infantry focussed force on point, dropping fast, preparing pre caps and trying to hold as long as possible until reinforcements arrive.

Division “Flanking/Logistics” will be the second punch, providing spawn options and keeping the outskirts of the base under our control. When things go hot, they will be the fighting side by side with the “Point Hold” Division. This is the squad with the biggest variety in tasks, so prepare for fast incoming orders!

Division “Armoured Warfare” will be our back bone – crushing enemy tanks and keeping our spawns up. They will provide the fire power so that our infantry can deal with the enemy within the base without minding Prowlers or Magriders shelling the point.

Division “Air Superiority” are the guys high above, diving in and out of the battle. As one of the most difficult tasks they have to provide surveillance and firepower at the same time. They will be around (not over) the base the platoon is fighting at, killing enemy air support and calling out enemy troop transporters. In the last 30 seconds of important base caps they will dive in and give hell to the dangerous last push.

If you want to enlist for one of these division, please fill in this form, the more detailed the better:
Division Point Hold:
 Point Hold Doc

Division Flanking/Logistics:
Flanking and Logistcs Doc

Division Armored Warfare:
Armored Warfare Doc

Division Air Superiority:
Air Superiorty Doc

It will make it far easier to manage the event and gives your leaders the option to adapt to the strengths of his squad.

As this is my last event for at least 6 months I hope that we can have an epic night all together! See ya on the battlefield!

Wolken still not out

Hey my friends,

as I have already posted in the main thread, I am planning on hosting a mixed Jaeger event.

The idea is to have many possibilities to enjoy smaller fights with switching partners and to have different settings to train.
Base will be the Impact side and probably Ceres Hydro.

The google doc is still not finished, but you can get an idea of how it works:

It would be really great to have many many Re4pers around to enjoy this event the most - depending on numbers we can do either mini scrims or some fun events in the breaks. Please either register for the event or post here. It is important to know how many we will be !

Depending on our numbers I will probably ask some of our friends (KAIN, ORIG and others)

Wolken still not out

Hey guys!

On a scale of TR to NC, how free do you want to move over the battlefield? You enjoy to be the maximum freedome fighter, you heart skips a beat when you unleash burning rain on oppressing forces? You only experience the true meaning of being a soldier of the New Conglomerate when sitting in a cock pit?

Than you have come to the right place! The division "Air Superiority" is still looking for seasoned veterans to take the fight to the sky.
Objectives will be surveillance/scouting,  grounding enemy propaganda fighters or providing precision air strikes for your ground forces.

You will be our destructive all seeing eye !

Ready for take off? Enlist now!

Hey guys!

Mhmm, you also love this smell? The smell of metal, fuel and of burned high calliber projectiles? The smell of sweat Vanu tears, after blowing up their beloved nanites? To drive with high speed through Terran rage tells?

If these things  are your wet dreams fuelling your metal horse of choice, you are the right one for the "Armored Devision"

In wolf packs, combining fast hunting Harrassers (oppressing surrounding spawn points), heavy fire power of MBT (guarding spawn points) with overwatching Anti Air, you will dominate the free fields of Auraxis!

Buckle up and enlist now !


Hey guys!

You enjoy a more relaxed and kill focus play style? You do the most damage by annoying the fuck out of the enemie? You hate when fights end to fast?

Than you have found your place!

The "Flanking and Logistics" division is mainly infantry focused with addition of the the first wave of sundies. After setting up spawns, your lights assaults will control the roofs while your infiltrators will dominate the free field. Your job is to harrass the enemie wherever he steps out of the spawn point.

Hold the flank guys, "point hold" needs you - when it comes hard on hard you have to fight side by side.

Enlist now!


Hey guys!

If you are looking for a place to stand knee deep in your own blood, getting killed over and over to keep the pride of the NC written all over this damn point, you came to the right place.

This division will use the mindset of our RE4SpecT: fast redeploys, high cohesion, advanced preperation for fireteams and in field tactics!

You want to be part? Enlist now!


Hey everybody!

As already told in the other thread, I am planning on infiltrating the 91AR with a new made blueberry character to spam squad invites and to start leading there infamous platoons.

The idea behind this is not to make fun of them, but to show them the ropes of Planetside 2 and to teach them the basic steps.

It won't be a typical RE4 platoon with fast redeploying, drops and pushes. It will be more a general guideline with hopefully lots of questions ... but we shouldn't set our goals to high, after all there is still a reason people stick with these outfits.

After the first event I would like to do some advertisement for other outfits (as 91AR isn't the best to stick with) to represent communities and playstyles, here I could need some of your help  ( I am certain I forgot a few)

Squad gameplay
Origin (tryhard)
Friendly Fire Force (casual)
New Modern Army  (casual) - (tryhard) (German)
FACS (casual) - (tryhard) (French)
PL13 (casual) (Polish)
Hydra (Farmfit)
CATH (?)
BlueManGroup (?) (?)

Combined Arms
418 (casual)

Vehicle Gameplay
Blue Hornets (German?)

Platoon + Squad gameplay

KAIN (casual) - (tryhard)
RE4 (casual) - (tryhard)

It would be great to have a lot of help, mainly to keep my mental health next to answer questions and lead squads.

See you on the battlefield,

Wolken out

RE4 Operations / [24/11/2017,18:00 CEST] Treason Friday
« on: 20/11/2017, 14:28 »
Hey !

Maybe some of you heard of the 4x Exp Friday for members. I think, this is reason enough for me to give my Vanu alt some attention and to give him the essential certs for anything I like.

For everybody who is interested in being a filthy traitor like me - I will probably do a squad/platoon on VS on this day!

See ya around

Wolken out

Hey ho everyone!

This time we will step up a bit in the already known "Squad leaders leading a Platoon" - event.

Besides our 4 SLs we will have two "organisators", which will help out for the tactical map game, call out enemey populations all over the continent.
The second job of the organisators will be the managing of the TS, as we will devide the Squads in different TS channels. Communication between the squad leaders and the organisators will be done via either Whisper lists or Commander Channel. You can find a good way to adjust the Command Channel in TS3 here: --> https://re4pers.com/index.php?topic=3097.msg24421#msg24421

I really hope to add more tactical depth to our public platoons and give our SLs the possibility to shine!

Please post here if you would like to have one of the positions! We could always need spare officers if somebody has to drop out.


Short time notice -
tonight we will do another squad leaders leading a platoon event. We will need SLs!!!

Hello everybody!

As promised, we will start our new OPS this saturday!

What will we do? Like the name says, the leadership goes to the people. There won't be any platoon leader, every squad has to organize itself around its squad lead. With this, everybody can completly concentrate on their specialities and while working together in a platoon - not by order, but by good communication!

We will start this one slowly and see how things will work out, we will be open for tuning it in the next weeks.

What we definetly need are willing squad leaders who want to try out a bit different style of hirachie!


Hey ho!

On the 8th of April, Schiedie will hold an air training for everyone willing to learn !
It will be for beginners and advanced pilots, explaining movement, aim, and maybe some tactics.

Everybody is welcome but please register here, so we can see how many people would like to come.

You will need the PS2 Testserver (currently 11gb), as the the VR is currently broken: http://launch.daybreakgames.com/installer/PS2_Test_setup.exe

Teamspeak3: ts3.getr-clan.com


RE4 Operations / After Work Platoon
« on: 02/02/2017, 17:50 »
Hey guys,

very short notice of a platoon tonight, starting around 19 CET.

It would be very nice to have some trainees around who would like to train their leading skills and some officers for supervision/leading.

Any special requests for tonight?
(E.G.:Normal, infantry only, focus on vehicle play, construction, air game, fun stuff, infiltrator platoon)

Hey everyone!

From now on, we will reintroduce the RE4PERS Operations day.

Here we are trying to provide every sunday the option to play in some kind of a RE4 event. We often read and hear the question:
"Is there a squad/platoon up".
For now on, you will be sure that there will be something up at Sunday night.

The kind of events can completly vary, important is that they are open for everyone, including our members who just enjoy our daily platoons without being that active in TS or the forum.

I will host the first event as a public platoon, with a small different setup: The platoon leader and the squad leaders will meet up in an officers team speak channel to discuss the strategy and tactics, while every command will be given ingame (as long as voice chats are stable).

Even if this will prove difficult in the first time, most players (especially non re4pers) will hopefully adapt to the new line of command and understand, why we are playing the game the way we do.

For this event I need 4 willing squad leaders who want to try this kind of platoon with me.


Hey my friends !

I am planning to do a platoon on sunday. But why am I making an event about this as this alone is not that special ?
I would like to plan abit ahead with you guys. We often lack of special roles, especially anti air, air Support in general, scouting, harassing  or tanks for sundy defense.
The idea behind this is that you suggest me a role you want to fll in the platoon and try to fill it as often as possible while still being flexible.
With this I want to improve our combined arms game , communication between the squads and maximum efficiency of our arsenal.

Some suggestions for possible fireteams/positons/tasks:
Squad leader
Anti air (max/sky guard)
Anti Vehicle harasser
A2A reaver
A2G Lib/Reaver
Pre cap Fireteam
Securing Fireteam (staying on point to prevent back capping)
Gal pilots

Everybody who has a good idea what to bring in for the platoon please do so!
It would be awesome to have a bit of given structure that you dont need to organize everything from scratch.

What do you think about this ? I am open for every suggestion !

Arctic + Gunner



Karboo + Gunner
Flatsemmel + Gunner

Possible leaders:

Precap force:

Karboo (AV - Lib / + Valiant?)
Flatsemmel + Gunner (Lib)
Stoned A2G Reaver
xRetry A2G/A2A Reaver)
Plantpod  (Battle gal)

Bersti (Harasser, the one that kills)

Lunde (Sundy Driver)

Vehicles/Heavy Tanks:
ArcticWinter (still needs a gunner ^^)

Lalu (maybe mix up with bersti?)



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