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Ok. Small squad training. 12 spots. Everyone can join. We will drop a lot on bases and mess with enemy zergs. The usual stuff.


So here comes my first promotion post. I'm happy to announce that three of our Squad Leader Trainees have finished their training yesterday. During the training, Asgard Warrior, Itachi and Einar have proved that they are capable leaders by leading our squad under my supervision. Each of them had opportunity to present their strategy and tactics and take the Squad Leader position and they all did a great job. Good night and good luck.

Recruitment Archive / stoned medic
« on: 05/05/2015, 00:52 »
Ingame name: stonedmedic

Battlerank: 62

Age: 26

Location: PL

Why you want to join the Re4pers: actually i'm in reapers since january but would love to see that 'show your face' thread that bunkster was talking about today at team speak :) and i hope that if u accept my application ill be able to check you guys out :) cheers

Link to player profile: https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/8257461498426739681

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