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Hey Folks,

its time for a meet up again.
I would like to welcome the new once under us and also plan what we do over the Summer.
Bring in your Idears, problems and wishes.

 Greetings StummeUrsel!

Recruitment Archive / Stummeursel
« on: 24/02/2015, 19:27 »
Ingame Name: Stummeursel

Battelrank: 100

Age: 23

Location: Germany

Why you want to join the Re4pers: Like many other ex-BKNE-Members i played a time alone to get back on track. In this time i tried to play in all bigger Platoons and searching for the one how Fits for me. After joining some Re4pers Platoons over the last weeks, i decied that it fits me best.  

Especially with my friends iShegorath and Commanderjuli i had a great time back at BKNE and with the Re4pers we can togehter reach our full potential for the NC.

Link to player Profil: http://www.planetside-universe.com/character-5428021759087718481.php

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