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@Dump:Yes, but it allows you to see for instance if the player who did it shot you from behind a wall or object like those who camp under the ground of a BioLa

...not saying anyone would cheat in this game because they_are_just_good™ but in case something like this exist.

I demand a refund! Gimmie my bonus checks! - "Players now receive 100 certs at each new Battle Rank through BR100, instead of the first 15."

Agree, i want at least my 8500 Certs.
 Or if they are kind the additional 2000 Certs for BR 120 and than the 10000 Certs for BR 100 ASP.

At least the 8500 would be fair.

hacking terminals is a lie (it's only possible to destroy them for a huge amount of XP "=35XP") but hacking the Turrets is pretty much possible since they exist.

There is simply no real instance to police any abuse or exploitation.
People like Jams of 91AR who never put the littlest efford in the platoons will still get ribbons when they lead under the flag of a mentor platoon.

A proper system would require a general honesty of all involved instances....so rip that one

Mentor System Expansion

Mentor Squads were implemented late into last year, and around that time period we had discussed implementing a Mentor rating system, but ultimately decided not to commit to the work until we knew how players would make use of Mentor Squads in the first place.

Trying to craft a rating system of any kind can be difficult for a game with a sandbox focus, and is at risk to negative and exploitative behaviors. Knowing this, we wanted to devise a system that is light on gameplay rewards, and is instead geared specifically toward players who already engage in the right behaviors.

The expansion of the Mentor System isn't a substitute for tutorials, (which we're also focused on delivering later this year alongside other new player experience enhancements,) but the community has always been a big part of why new players choose to leave or stay.

Mentor Rating

We've introduced a new Mentor Rating system that recognizes veteran community members that have made it their goal to help new players.

Mentor Rating is earned each time a Mentor Ribbon is awarded. Mentor Ribbons can now only be earned while leading a Mentor Squad when players beneath BR30 earn battle ranks.

Mentor Rating decays over time, so a player's rating will need to be maintained.

Mentor Tiers

Mentor Rating is sorted into tiers for recognition. These tiers are shown when players are hosting Mentor squads in the squad finder.

[img alt=[IMG]]https://i.imgur.com/ggDooAA.jpg

Copper Tier: 0 - 499

Silver Tier: 500 - 699 - Players can now speak in Mentor chat.

Gold Tier: 700 - 899 - Gold Mentor Tier icon shows next to name in chat channels.

Auraxium Tier: 900 - 1000 - Auraxium Mentor Tier icon shows next to name in chat channels.


guess i will put some purpose in my life again

Jeah would be great if this bug which only harms one faction in particular could be solved -,-

Recruitment Archive / Re: satrus
« on: 20/05/2019, 21:44 »
Best way is to adress one of our officers ingame becauce sometimes they oversee names on the list.

Planetside 2 - Update Notes / Re: PC Hotfix - 5/14
« on: 15/05/2019, 10:15 »
I love how they not just say "You move fast" but "made you run like Sonic"

@Arctic and Panda, Cool ^^


Our new file packing system offers better encryption of assets, which means a more secure game overall.


Does this mean all this pathetic little fucks lose their access to hitbox modification and such cheats.
Ohhhhhhh, no     

Guess this will take away some "glorious" vet's for a while.

Ohhh no,the NC max gets a small bit of its power back. Major outrage incoming.

Recruitment Archive / Re: MaTaNzA86
« on: 22/02/2019, 17:16 »
Direct invitation with the command only works if the person you want to invite is online

Recruitment Archive / Re: FatKidZEasy2Kill
« on: 17/02/2019, 00:11 »
your name is Flo? for Florence??
I would say Flo for Florian

It wasn't.
When DBG was sharing the message it was still the 13th of february for them.

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